on October 27, 2015
For me this is a different kind of read, but I’m pleased to say it was well worth my while. It reminded me of those engrossing prime time television dramas like Dallas and Dynasty. Those shows were effective because one could not but become vested in the lives of the characters. Similarly, Full Circle was equally compelling, but with one important difference; unlike those TV shows where the main characters are sleazy and cruel, corrupt and overblown caricatures, the humans that populate Belanger Creek Ranch are exactly that…human. Though some characters are flawed, it is the stuff of real life rather than the excesses of a Hollywood-like imagination. Refreshingly, the men are surprisingly gallant and perceptive (for me, a breakthrough from the traditional narrative of men being nothing more than beer-swigging oafs) and the women are admirable as they confront the unkind demons life sometimes offers. The detailed telling of these fictional lives was so persuasive I felt as if I had really got to know them by the book’s end. I’m now looking forward to reading the next chapter….