on October 31, 2015
Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) by Gloria Antypowich
In this second book of The Belanger Creek Ranch series, we join with many of the characters from the first book, The Second Time Around, but we get to meet new and exciting friends, and have another intriguing adventure, and romance, in Full Circle. Author Gloria Antypowich has once again created an indisputably enjoyable story for readers. Just like the first book, this one offers an exhilarating and believable storyline, with powerful and distinctively created characters, enticing details, and just the right nuances of romance, mystery, drama, humor, and anticipation. The book starts off a tiny bit slow, but the pace picks up in a gradual manner that makes the plot even more genuine and credible, and is quite effective in making you feel a part of the story, which will keep you completely engaged through the rest of the pages.