I have been beating the computer keyboard hour after hour for the past four months! It feels wonderful to have writen “The End”.

The relationship of Colt and Frankie from Hearts At Risk deepens in this book, but Shauna Lee Holt and Brad Johnson take front stage as the main characters.

Shauna Lee Holt hides behind the barricade that she has erected around herself over the past 20 years. Intimacy is something she has refused to allow into her world. Her attitude has been nothing serious, no strings attached, and no risks.

Along comes Brad Johnson who would ordinarily run a country mile from the woman she appears to be. He finds himself attracted to her in spite of the messages that she sends out, but he wants intimacy and a long lasting commitment.

He refuses to play her shallow game. He believes a loving person hides behind her facade. Can he free her from a past that still holds her captive and help her believe it too?


“I’m looking for a warm safe place
To feel your hand on my face
Let the past roll off of my back
Baby let’s not talk about that
I just wanna make it through the night
Lock the door and hide away
I’m looking for a warm safe place.”

One day when my husband and I were travelling last fall, I caught the words of a song by Aaron Prichette called “A Safe Warm Place.” I instantly felt that it was Shauna Lee’s song; her story.

It still is her story, but when I went through the book making my final edits I realized that this work of fiction is also about other characters in it getting “A Second Chance” in life.

Now I am indecisive about the title I should use for this book. Decisions, Decisions! I think I will ask some of my friends!