on August 24, 2015
Great contemporary romance
“The Second Time Around”, by Gloria Antypowich is a great romance. Frank Lamonte, an attractive and good looking veterinarian, is having a hard time to overcome her failed romance with her co-worker Martin Cole. Her boss, Dr. Winters, noticing that Frank was depressed and how hard it is for her to continue working with her ex, recommended that she takes an extended leave of absence. At first Frank didn’t like the idea but at the end she agreed with him that it would be the best for her. Dr. Winters helps her to find another job in a ranch as a ranch-hand.
Things didn’t work perfectly between Frank and her new boss Colt Thompson at the beginning, but both made an effort and they came along well.
It wasn’t on Frank’s agenda to fall in love again, but she could not resist the handsome, Colt Thompson.
Colt has his own demons to put to rest and is not interested in any long term relationship.
Both Colt and Frank are strong characters and the story is centered on their complicated relationship.
There are some twists and turns that keep you hooked until the end.