canadian thanksgiving

Okay–I confess! I intended to post this on Monday but I procrastinated while I enjoyed eating popcorn with my husband as we watched the Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers play a must win game for the Jays.  Things got pretty intense at the bottom of the ninth inning when the Rangers had the last bat. Kudos to Osuna who pitched them out!  I got so involved that I almost cremated our supper which I had put in the oven–turkey breasts smothered in stovetop dressing…ah yes–I admit that I took the easy way out–must admit that I do that quite regularly these days. thanksgiving lloyd and I eating popcorn and watching the bluejaysthanksgiving the bluejays


vancouver canucks win - Copy

After supper, we watched the Vancouver Canucks take on the Anaheim Ducks.  When they went into overtime it was a real gut-wrencher: especially when it went all the way through regular overtime to a shoot out! I get just as vocal as hubby does when that stuff happens! OMG–what has happened to me? I swear Lloyd has just worn me down over time. If I want to watch anything with him it has to be sports, hunting, fishing or the news. I love programs like CSI, and all that “rubbish” and I have a TV in my office, but the hide-a-bed in there isn’t nearly as comfortable as the loveseats in the living room. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I miss the days when everyone came home for Thanksgiving, but life evolves and now we are seldom able to get together as an entire group. We have two daughters and their families who live close to home. The younger one and her husband have a guide and outfitting business and this is is their busiest time of the year. The oldest daughter and her husband who live upstairs also got caught in working shifts. Our son and his wife and family and our grandson and his wife and family live in Alberta and all work and have demanding schedules, so they seldom come home.

My daughter-in-law phoned on the weekend and asked if we were certain that we couldn’t come to Alberta, but the timing just wasn’t right for us to go right now either. Lloyd has an unresolved health issue and set up home oxygen for him on Friday. He looks perfectly normal and he does  lots, but he gets tired (and at his age I think he can expect to be tired when he takes on big projects, like planting two big trees in 3 hours!)–still his oxygen level remains at 88% and the doctors and respiratory therapists are concerned.  They have ruled out the working of his heart. So now we wait for an appointment with a respiratory specialist for a diagnosis and treatment. Hopefully, we will get some answers then and set up a treatment regimen. If he needs to use oxygen all the time, that is what he will do, just as many other do. But he does not have the symptoms that most people who you see walking around with oxygen tanks exhibit. His lung x-rays show a bit of scarring at the very bottom of each lung, but that has not been determined to be the problem and his lungs have always been a strong point for him until the last while.  His blood tests all come back great–he simply is low on oxygen. So now we wait for an appointment with the specialist!

And since I had problems with my  NEW computer yesterday and didn’t get this finished, today we will watch the Blue Jays take on the Texas Rangers in Toronto for the final game in this series.  Ahhh…the life of retirement!