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5 stars image 55.0 out of 5 starsFun and entertaining…
VINE VOICEon November 23, 2015
The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1)
Gloria Antypowich
The Second Time Around is the first book in the Belanger Creek Range series; if the following books are even half as good as this one the series is sure to be a success. The Second Time Around quickly drew me in and held me captive until the very last page. Let’s meet the main characters. First there is Dr. Frank Lamonte, DVM. Frank is very depressed; recently she has had several emotional blows the latest and hardest hitting being a broken engagement. Second let’s meet Colt Thompson. He recently divorced his wife who had cheated on him. He is determined to protect himself from women. He will not allow his heart to be broken again. He is an acrimonious and sarcastic man. Ok I’ve set the stage. We have two damaged but very hot adults.

Frank’s boss insists she leave town. He is concerned for her and tells her to leave town until she gets her head on straight again. He wants her to take time and heal her weakened emotions. He feels she needs to go where there will not be constant reminders. Determined to heal quickly Frank heads to Belanger Creek Ranch. When she meets the owner the sparks begin to fly. Now Colt enters the picture; he is the owner of the Belanger Creek Ranch. One look at Frank and his emotions begin to sizzle. He’s determined not to like her; he is sure she is a cheating liar just like his ex. He is so determined to protect his heart that he is tempted to marry Shauna Lee Holt his friend in and out of the bedroom.

The Second Time Around is an entertaining and fun book to read. I didn’t want to put it down and didn’t want it to end. I had to laugh at Frank and Colt of course they are going to get together but who would make the first move. Or at least we hope they get together will either of them take a chance on the other. Take a strong independent woman and add a strong and sensitive man and you get The Second Time Around.



Texas Twilight (McCutcheon Family Series) Caroline Fyffe wove John Jake McCutcheon and Lily Anthony, and spunky Tante Harriet Schmidt into a tantalizing story–and when you throw in all the other characters it was a great read. From the beginning it -continue reading…>


Lets go back to the ranch, this is Shauna Lee’s story  and Brad’s story . Shauna Lee has been through hell and back and at eighteen she has recreated herself and became a success , but she isn’t the marrying type until Brad Johnson walked into her life . Now will she realize that she is the woman he wants and will she find her true self in time to realize that they can have it all.
   I was so excited to see that book two started right where book one ended. Gloria has entwined the characters from book one in with Shauna Lee’s story. The story is very poignant and actually heart breaking . The author weaves such a masterful tale and add so much more depth to the characters . We see them at work, play and more real life situations. We see them falling in love and suffering heart break. To see them come out the other side happier and healthier
    I am in love with these characters . Each book I read I fall more in love with them . They remind me of people in the community. They are so well written and complex .  Shauna Lee is the type of woman that other women don’t like and men flock around . She is a career woman who loves to have fun but as we read we find out that there is so much more to Shauna Lee then meets the eye. We find out that there is some hidden dark secrets and hurts that she is hiding . As you read you will see Shauna Lee change and become the woman she was meant to be. She is a very strong but vulnerable character . One moment you want to shake her and yell at her to get her life together and the next moment you are crying with her and wrapping her up in a hug .

When you meet Brad you will want to be with him , he is yummy to the core, but he is also the type of guy you don’t want to play with. He is a gentleman but also doesn’t play games . He knows what he wants and will go after it . He isn’t into one night stands, he is the guy you want to take home to the parents . He is also very protective and wants to be everything to that one woman. He could make you go weak in the knees with just one smile. Oh and ladies when he is wanting you , he doesn’t take no for an answer.

The rest of the gang are also here , Frank , Colt , the twins Ollie and Ellie . You see a romance blossoming between those two as the story rolls along too. Gloria did a great job in bringing back all the characters and letting their stories be told as a compliment to Shauna Lee’s story.
    Like I said in my review of book one , I have fallen in love with these books and am so happy that they are taking place in the same province where I live . It is great to read about places I have visited and know. The author takes us on such a journey with some great twists and turns . I love how she talks about depression and how they deal . Also how she handled the fears of Shauna Lee and how she closed herself off . These are great books that are based in Saskatchewan and they are written with care and love.

   Gloria is one of my favorite authors, I can’t wait to read more about the ranch and what is going on . So if you want a story that has such well developed characters and real life situations, heart aches and triumphs, this is the series for you.  You can read FULL CIRCLE  as a stand alone but I suggest that you read SECOND CHANCE  and then FULL CIRCLE .You won’t be disappointed .  

Authors Note: This book can be purchased by clicking here on Amazon.



5.0 out of 5 stars Gloria Antypowich does it again!, 20 July 2015
By mbsgreg (British Columbia, Canada) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
“Full Circle is the second book in the Belanger Creek Ranch Series and it doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the first book The Second Time Around so much that I thought I would give Full Circle a read and just like the first book, I found all of the characters real and endearing and I found myself rooting for them.

I loved the relationship the characters Colt and Frank have developed since the first book. They have a marriage filled with love and devotion to their children and ‘family’, which includes their closest friends. Without giving away too many details, their marriage is tested big time when they suffer a terrible loss – make sure you keep the Kleenex box handy!

The character Shauna Lee was a big surprise! I wasn’t sure if I liked her very much in the first book, but book II lets us in on her background and the personal tragedies she has endured and you learn the reason she is guarding her heart from love and close friendships. Shauna Lee learns the hard way that you can run but you can’t hide from your past forever…

Shauna Lee’s love interest Brad Johnson is another sexy cowboy like Colt, and a real gentleman. Luckily he also has the patience of Job when it comes to Shauna Lee. Will he give up on his wounded little ‘Tweetie Bird’ (his pet name for Shauna Lee) or will love prevail… and, Just like in the first book the author steams up the pages just enough to titillate the reader.
If you are looking for a very sweet story with endearing characters that value family, and stick by one another through thick and thin, Full Circle will not disappoint!

I am looking forward to reading the next book, “The Hand of Fate.”

NOTE: This person notified me that they had posted a review for The Second Time Around, Book One of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series, and when they attempted to post this review on and they were told they were ineligible, even though the book was a verified purchase at I have heard about this happening before–now it has happened to me.


This afternoon I was thinking about reading and how much I love books.  When I went on FaceBook  I saw this quote and decided I had to share it with you all.  

I am proudly Canadian, and our July 1st celebration is almost upon us. The July 4th long weekend is coming up in the USA too…these would be great opportunities to escape the relentless heat and relax with a cool drink and a book! 

I invite you to check out my new contemporary fiction/ western romance books on These are not your usual “girl gets boy” romances. These books feature mature characters, who face real issues and seem so life-like that they could be your next door neighbour!




Enjoy your long weekend–enjoy your read!!

I am super excited. Months of long hours and hard work are coming to fruition!  The Hand of Fate, Book Three of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series will be available on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback soon! 


 FULL CIRCLE full cover
This is the back of the book description:

 “Shauna Lee, I told you I’m a hunter. I have hunted cougars in the wild. That is where I like to keep them: in the wild; with me doing the stalking.”

Her face went scarlet. “Are you calling me a cougar?” she asked, indignantly.

Twenty years ago, eighteen-year-old Shauna Lee Holt rose like a phoenix, out of the ashes of tragedy. Fierce determination focused her drive for independence. After graduation, she worked non-stop, scrimping and saving every penny. She purchased Swift Current Accounting and Bookkeeping Service. Now she is regarded as a successful accountant in the business community: but no one knows her personal, private hell.

Brad Johnson recently moved to Swift Current, where he set up Windspeer Energy; a company specializing in small wind energy turbines.

Brad feels an undeniable attraction to Shauna Lee, but he refuses to play her “nothing serious, no strings attached” game. As time passes, he falls head over heels in love with this tormented woman. Shocking fragments of her tragic past come to light, and he begins to realize that she may never be able to give him the emotional connection he desperately desires.

The lives of Colt and Frank Thompson are woven into Brad Johnson and Shauna Lee Holt’s story. The couple, who seem to have everything, discover that grief and pain are no respecters of person. When they face the unimaginable, will their relationship be shaken beyond repair?

NOTE: this is a revised version of a You Can Run, Book ll of The Thompson Family Series. This book has changed very little. I just tightened the writing and took out a few pages, gave it a new title and a new cover to brand my work.


























WOW!! ePrintedBooks has let me know that “The Second Time Around, Book One of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series” manuscript, has been formatted for paperback and ebook (KDP Select) Things are moving along!

This is the description on the back of the book…

Sparks fly when Frank Lamonte and Colt Thompson meet. There is an explosion of anger, based on misinformation and suspicion: but there is also an undeniable attraction. Thirty-six fateful hours set the stage for a lifetime of consequences.

Veterinarian, Frank Lamonte, comes to Belanger Creek Ranch to work as a ranch hand after her boss recognizes her growing symptoms of depression and insists she take a leave of absence. She is reeling from a series of emotional blows, the final one being a broken engagement. He tells her to leave town for a while and give her ravaged emotions a chance to heal, without constantly facing reminders of the past. She’s determined to get better quickly, and nothing will stand in her way.…that is, until she meets the owner of Belanger Creek Ranch. Her attraction to him could end her plans, even though she thinks otherwise.

After divorcing the cheating wife who destroyed his dreams, Colt Thompson has become a bitter and cynical man. Being vulnerable once broke his heart; allowing it to happen twice will never happen. He will make certain that he never falls in love again. When he finds Frank Lamonte at the ranch, he makes up his mind that she is a liar and a cheat. He will not let himself be attracted to her, even though the tension sizzles.

Will Frank and Colt open their hearts to true love? Or, will Colt do everything he can to protect his heart? Will he wed Shauna Lee Holt, his “friends with benefits” woman; a woman he doesn’t love? Will Frank withdraw into herself and refuse to stake her claim?

Heartache lies ahead for these two intractable characters, and neither one of them will make wise choices along the way.

NOTE: For those of you who may have read “Hearts At Risk” when I first published, “The Second Time Around” is a complete rewrite of that book. I believed I could make it better, and feel I have. This is it as the first book in a four book series: new title, new cover, my branding. I hope you enjoy it!

Summers Desire by Kathleen Ball

4 Stars for Summers Desire; Book l of the Cowboy Series.

Everyone has a past; some are darker than others.

Young veterinarian, Holden O`Leary, has fled difficult circumstances  in Texas and moved his four younger brothers, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John to ranch near a small town in Montana.  This is where they will build a new life for themselves, far from the ugliness of the past.  Holden places an ad for a nanny/housekeeper to look after the domestic chores while he works as a vet.

Summer Fitzgerald is running from the demons of her own when she shows up at the ranch in answer to the job opportunity.  Imagine her shock when she realises that the boys she is going to be nanny to are not small children, but strapping young males who range in age from adolescence to late teens.  The nanny role goes out the window quickly and she gradually becomes their friend and confidant.

The attraction between Holden and Summer is strong, but just when you think they`ve finally got it all together something else would come up.

All the characters are well rounded, the plot is complex and twists and turns as their pasts come back to haunt them.

If you enjoy simmering cowboy romances, with a strong dash of family drama, murder, robbery and suspense don`t miss this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can buy Summer’s Desire on Amazon


Autums Hope by Kathleen Ball


5 Stars for Autumn’s Hope Book 2 of Cowboy Seasons Series.

by Kathleen Ball

Autumn Lavin moves from the big city to small town Carlston, Montana to start over again.  She is pregnant and on her own.  Determined to make a life for herself and her child, she buys the local Bar and Grill and sinks everything she has into it.

It has been the watering hole for beef eating, booze guzzling locals for decades, and they expect that she will carry on the tradition.  But Autumn shakes up the entire town when she put out the word that she plans to turn it into a vegetarian restaurant with a juice bar. That idea is almost an insult to the locals, who think she is plain loco to try to do this in the heart of Montana beef country.  In fact a few people are determined to stop her.

Amongst them is Jonas Barnes, who has a contract with the restaurant to supply it with beef from his ranch and has been counting on the sale of that beef to make ends meet.  He is defensive when he heads into town to see if she will honor the agreement.

The two of them butt heads on that first meeting, but neither can forget the other.  Jonas is a fair man and when the towns’ busy body calls a meeting in an effort to shut down Autumns plans, astonishingly, he speaks up and supports her right to do what she wants with the business she has purchased.

Jonas has insecurities of his own; war wounds that make him certain that no woman could love him.  But he`s never met a woman like Autumn before.

Can she make a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar work in a most unlikely place?  Could Jonas accept another man’s child?  Could Autumn see beyond the scars that war left Jonas with?  You`ll have to read the book to find out.

I loved the story of Autumn and Jonas.  Don`t miss this wonderful read.

You can purchase Autumn’s Hope on Amazon


Winters Embrace by Kathleen Ball

4 Stars for Winter’s Embrace

I ‘ve read Summer’s Desire, Autumn’s Hope and Winter’s Embrace—I’ve become a Kathleen Ball fan!  Like the other books, Winter’s Embrace doesn’t hinge on the “will he get the girl, will she get her man” line.  She creates a depth to her characters that makes you relate to the fact that they have lived; and often their lives haven’t always been happy or satisfactory.  They are flawed, but feel realistic which is important to me.

Winter and Stone aren’t strangers—they loved each other years ago.  Stone left her without giving her a valid explanation, leaving her shattered and broken hearted. When he comes back into her life, she almost immediately finds herself out of a job.  He offers her employment looking after Rachel, who is his little girl.  Rachel is a bubbly, happy, wonderful little girl who steals Winters heart.  Stone still loves Winter, but time and again she learns that he has deceived her once more.  Even though she has never gotten over her love for him, she comes to believe she cannot trust him, and without trust a broken heart will surely be her lot.

Rachel desperately wants a mother, and she wants Winter to make her family complete, but Winter can’t take the chance of being so desperately hurt again.

Stone is constantly taking two steps forward and one back.  He has his work cut out for him.  Like many men, he can only see what he wants and his desperation makes him do things that push her even further away.

Don’t miss Winters Embrace.

It can be purchased on Amazon