The Light Never Lies by Francis GuenetteThe Light Never Lies , Book Two – Crater Lake Series by Francis Guenette

When I read “Disappearing In Plain Sight, Book One of the Crater Lake Series”, I recognized that Francis Guenette’s work was solid, with a great depth and understanding of human relationships.  I totally loved the book and looked forward to the next one in the series.

When the “The Light Never Lies” became available I downloaded it to my Kindle immediately.  It was wonderful to visit with the cast of characters from the first book, plus a few new ones.  Once again, Lisa-Maries arrival shakes up the lives of the regular inhabitants at Crater Lake.

Among the new comers in the cast, I particularly loved eight year old Robbie Collins.  My heart ached for him when he was sent with his father– Alexander Collins—a man who was a stranger to him, and began their journey across the country to Crater Lake.  I think the only thing that saved Robbie was that he had a rare “gift” that gave him assurance and comfort.

This story covers a wide spectrum of personal emotions; teenage love, a tormented soul who needs guidance, the enduring love of a couple who stand together in the face of a devastating upheaval, a young boy who finds a family, a sexy, devil-may-care, fierce warrior who saves the day, a lesbian relationship that staggers under the weight of circumstances, a gay teenager who struggles with his secret, a middle aged author who finds unexpected love.

This is an incredible read, with the lives of many characters involved , but the core group was entangled in a heart wrenching drama, that grabbed your attention and held you transfixed to the end. There was mystery and murder, a peek into the traditions and family values of First Nations people, and a group that pulled together to love and care for a new born.  It’s been said that it takes a community to raise a child, and at Crater Lake this was definitely the case.

If you haven’t read “Disappearing In Plain Sight, Book One of the Crater Lake Series” I would suggest you do so first.  It’s an excellent book and it will give you the in-depth background for “The Light Never Lies.”

Do not miss out on Francis Guenettes books—I believe she crafts quality work and will reach great heights.  Be sure to share her journey with her.

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