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Stephanie D.   4/5

“You Can Run” by Gloria Antypowich, Book Two of the ‘Thompson Family Trilogy’, is more than a feel good story, although that is what it also is. Shauna Lee has undergone some very unpleasant experiences in her life that have left her vulnerable, and an emotional mess. She feels good by working excessively hard and bringing men home for one night stands, telling herself that it is all she wants and needs. But Brad Johnson enters her life, and he knows better. He can see that Shauna Lee is trying to bury something and he knows she’ll be able to heal and move on only if she can let it out. He takes this on as a challenge, but Shauna Lee is not necessarily grateful or appreciative. However, he is nothing if not persistent but Shauna Lee is stubborn and very self-willed. What is going to happen with two such immutable opponents? There is a lot of depth to this book. You are drawn right into the characters’ complex lives (and can only admire Brad’s iron self-control)! You get to know the whole of them. The author has a highly readable and approachable style, and can turn her hand equally to sensual romance, thrilling suspense, bleak suffering and hate-filled violence. The plot is interesting with unforeseen twists on the way. And there is completeness in the story as certain things turn full circle. The writing is well-paced, entertaining and also informative. You get to see inside ranching, which is a fascinating extra. Like a ranch, this story is a dusty, gritty slice of real life.

Blue Blood For Life: Book Two of the My Blood Runs Blue Series

For me “My Blood Runs Blue” was a delightful surprise and I was anxious to read the next book.  I was not disappointed when I read “Blue Blood For Life”! If anything I think I liked it even better. – continue reading….>


“Another great book by Andrew Carlson!’Sue’s Vision’ is a sequel to ‘Sue’s Fingerprint’. Sue Cook is brilliant, determined, resourceful and impetuous. She still is the leader of her “clone family”, even though they were dispersed around the country after they were released from an abandoned airbase in California.I enjoyed watching her relationship grow with David, and watching her “family” learn and fight for what they believed in; “the message” that came with them in the goo that landed on earth; the message that they have become aware of and feel that they have to pass on to their fellow citizens.There is serious message in Sue’s Vision that is very applicable today; we are responsible for cleaning up after ourselves.

Good job Andrew. Keep on writing!(less)

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Have a cup on me while you enjoy Sue’s Vision. PS: Read “Sue’s Fingerprint” first!

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Ollie Olsen is a second year law student who has worked hard to make marks that have put him at the top of his law class. Because of his efforts he is selected for a position working as a summer associate at a prestigious law firm.

The starting wages are away more per month than his hard working father has ever made. It’s a great opportunity and he   -contiue reading…>