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I love this romantic quote…
A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness. ~ Ingrid Bergman

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing under umbrella in the rain

Some of the best romantic quotes come from the movies…  I would love to hear your favourite romantic movie quotes.

Over time, I’ve realized that in a relationship or a marriage, you shouldn’t try to change your partner. We are who we are, and when you accept people instead of trying to change them to fit your needs, your relationships can fully blossom. ~ Deepak Chopra

Love is a big leap of faith…

playful young man picking up his girlfriend by the lake in fall

This character interview stuff is too much fun! Here is the interview I had with … be still my heart… sexy cowboy, Colt Thompson. From my book “The Second Time Around” Book I of the Belanger Creek Ranch series.

Gloria: What is your current state of mind?

cowboy coltColt: Do you mean how do I feel about life? I’m a workaholic. In my heart, I want to live at Belanger Creek Ranch, but since my Dad had a heart attack, I’ve returned to the farm at Cantaur, and I’m running it now and trying to keep my dad out of trouble. It’s not how I imagined my life being, but I’ve learned the hard way that life doesn’t go the way you imagined.

Gloria: Why do you say that?

Colt: Well, I’m cured of any illusions about love and romance. I was married once and I worshipped that woman. I loved her with a passion … until I found out that she was cheating on me. I would have tried to work around any problems we might have been having in the marriage, but that wasn’t her final betrayal. The last one cut me to the bone. I hated her for that one, and I filed for divorce immediately. She left me with nothing but the clothes on my back, and a mountain of debt…a painful lesson well learned! I will never lay myself open to a repeat performance. Love, romance and happy marriages are an illusion. Even if I thought I could fall in love with someone again, I’d do everything possible to make sure it didn’t happen. It simply isn’t worth the pain.

Gloria: Do your parent’s have a happy marriage?

Colt: Yeah, my parents are great. My mom is a saint. Dad has his faults—he’s stubborn like me. He’s always been a farmer and a workaholic, I guess I get some of my traits from him. Yeah, I would have to say that basically, my parents have a great marriage. I’ve noticed nowadays most women aren’t like my mom. They don’t commit to a relationship the way she has. They are too busy doing their own thing.

You sound a bit bitter, even chauvinistic.

Colt: I am bitter and I think I have a reason to be. I’ve been called chauvinistic before…yeah I’ve even been called an ass. But I am what I am, because a woman taught me the realities of life.

Gloria: You are a good looking man and you are relatively young, are you in a relationship with anyone now?

Colt: No, nothing romantic or too serious. I’ve been seeing a woman in Swift Current called Shauna Lee Holt. We are and friends,,, (he quirks an eyebrow) with benefits. We both have needs that we satisfy for each other, but we are not in love, so no one is going to get hurt if the other walks away. Neither one of us will try to abscond with half of the other person’s life’s work. She owns the firm that does our accounting work, so financially she is secure. Dad and I are partners in Thompson Holdings: Cantaur Farm, and Belanger Creek Ranch are both entities of it.

Gloria: Do you always feel you need to play it safe?

Colt: I got royally screwed over emotionally and financially once; it isn’t going to happen again!

Gloria: What is the trait you most despise in others?

Colt: Dishonesty… betrayal!

Gloria: What is the quality you like most in a woman?

Colt: I’m surprised you would ask me that.

 Gloria: Seriously, before you were hurt, what did you look for in a woman?

Colt: If I were looking for a woman now, it would be different from what I looked for back then. When I was young looks and a great body meant a lot. And the woman I married loved horses and the rodeo life, and so did I. I thought we were a perfect match, but it was all a fantasy. I was so besotted, I forgot that we had a farm and a ranch to run, until Dad jerked me up short and made it clear that if I was part of the business, I had to pull my weight with the work.

If I were to look for a woman now looks wouldn’t be as important… yeah, I know… every man likes to wake up to a good looking face on the pillow and a slender strong body snuggled into your arms. But seriously, honesty, loyalty, a sense of humor, someone who cares as much about you as she does herself, a woman who enjoys what you do—especially when your business is a ranch or farming. The ideal woman for me is someone who will work beside you through the long days, and the good times and bad. I’d want a woman who loved kids. I always wanted a family until…well that’s another story. We’d both have to be considerate and respect each others moods—everyone has a shitty day once in a while. She’d have to understand that there is a time to play—although I seldom do that; but work has to come first around here. I’m not saying she’d have to be a clone of me. I know we’d both have to give and take. But since I’m NOT looking for another woman to be part of my life, none of that matters.

Gloria: What if you met a woman with all of those qualities, what would you do?

Colt: Run as fast as I could. I’d marry a horse (I love them) before I’d ever let myself get addled brained enough to get involved with another woman. I’d never count on getting it right the second time around. Believe me… once was enough!

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Quote: I write romance and passion to savour love twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Angeline M. Bishop

I write romance because I am fascinated by human relationships, and to me—when the chips are all on the table—there is nothing in life that is more important than love, relationships, family and friends. Money and prestige are tools that can be used to build a comfortable life—and for many of us, there never seems to be enough. But when you are ill or in trouble, for most people, it is not the knowledge that you have amassed x-amount of dollars or assets that comforts your heart… it is knowing that you have someone who cares, someone to adjust your pillow, bring you a glass of water, hold your hand or just be there. These kind gestures are all part of the ‘romance’ that encouraged and nourished that love.romantic

Sadly,romance writing has been given a “black eye” for several decades—many people do not see them as real books. Every romance author has heard someone say, “I don’t read that trash,” or “why do you waste your time writing junk like that?” or “why don’t you write something worthwhile?” Most of those people have never read a romance novel so they have not made an informed decision. And some of the women and men who read romances, usually don’t tell anybody, because they fear that they will be ridiculed. There are also those who are uncomfortable having conversations about the things that are part of how relationships work: attraction, touching, kissing, and feeling the rush of desire, the act of sex, fighting, and making up. For many these are still very private things that they believe should stay in the dark, in the privacy of the bedroom. But in actual fact, almost every aspect of human relationships are  publicly known and a accepted reality.

The trivialization of the romance genre is particularly curious given the tremendous success it enjoys. Statistically, over fifty percent of all books sold are romances. It is no wonder, since reading is a respite for many, an escape from the pressures of everyday life, an opportunity to put your own cares aside, and delve into another world.

goodwritingMy books do not follow a formula; in fact, sometimes they don’t fit neatly into the romance genre. But they are about people who could be your next door neighbour, or a person you work with. I cannot work over a weekend and put out a new book. Each one takes months to write, and like every other author; I become very involved with the fictitious characters, who become very real to me. I know their careers; I share their happiness, disappointments, growing emotions, and those incredible private moments when they fall into bed. I take part in their friendships, marriages, births of their children and experience all of the challenges my characters face in their relationships’, romantic or otherwise.                                                                                   

 The four books in the Belanger Creek Ranch series have happy endings, but I have three books in mind that do not necessarily have a happy ending… because, that is how life sometimes goes… However, they do have satisfactory endings.

In a nutshell, I write “Romance” because I believe human relationships (happy or unhappy) leave the most enduring imprints on our lives, and I want to share that with my readers.







Romantic love reaches out in little ways… <3


I wish I’dalpha male had this book years ago…I’m definitely married to an Alpha Male! This book has confirmed some of the traits that have frustrated me for years. I always accepted them as his personal idiosyncrasies; now I realize that they true to the nature of the man. We’ve been married for 52 years, and life has never been boring, although I have often resented his lack of interest in anything that does not concern him and his work. He sets his goals and lets nothing stand in the way of achieving them. Together we have created a good life, but through the years I have learned that confrontation does not work and I’ve learned not to ask for permission to do anything–I just do it, unless it really creates an issue, which seldom happens.  I could have used the insight of this “training” tool when I was much younger!

I found myself chuckling several times. I’m pretty certain some Alpha Men would be offended at being compared to Alpha Wolves, but if you understand anything about the hierarchy of wolves,the information in the book makes the analogy is very apt.

This book offers food for thought for anyone who is looking for a partner in life; going into a relationship with the idea of changing a person is a big mistake, so be wise and be sure that you understand the nature of the man first. Alpha Males are not easy, but if you understand how to work with them and what they bring to a relationship and what they require from it, the relationship can be very rewarding.     Learn all about them in “Alpha Male” by XX & XY

After I posted my review   on I recieved this comment.  I believe it is so true!

bingo says:

Thanks for the perceptive comments. You do sound as if you understand Alpha Males at this point in your life. What makes it hard for women, I think, is that our “modern” culture tells us that men are just a furrier version of women, more or less, as though men are motivated as women are, think as women do, and act along the same lines. NONE of that is true, of course, and lots of women are unfortunately led into a cul de sac because they believe the images and propaganda spewed out by today’s media. There would be fewer divorces and unhappy marriages if every woman knew what is in this book.

A Sister's Promise

This was a wonderful story of sisters, bound even closer than normal, by the child hood they shared; as well as their DNA.

I loved these two sisters right from the start. Joely is faced with circumstances that would be daunting to many. She projects her dream onto her sister Kate, hoping to live vicariously through her and enjoy an experience that she feels will never be her own.

But Kate and her husband have their own vision of life and it is not in line with Joely’s plans.

I believe there are three truths about every situation in life; yours, mine and the absolute truth! I felt Kate was caught in that scenario. Joely believed she knew what she wanted , Kate and her husband, Mitch, wanted something very different. Eventually,Kate had to discover her own truth and make decisions that were not based on Joely or Mitch`s wishes. Her hard decisions forced the two most important people in her life grow emotionally too.

I loved the way this book ended. In real terms, life and relationships can take unpredictable turns; this was true in “A sisters Promise”.

I really enjoy Karen Lenfestey`s writing. I read “What Happiness Looks Like” first, and I liked it so much that I decided to read “A Sister`s Promise” to get full picture of Joely and Kate`s story.

I was not disappointed and I would recommend that anyone interested read both of them!

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My toast to you for a great read or two!