There are some authors that I just love!–well I mean I love their books! I just finished reading Six Days of Memories, by Stacy Eaton​. 

I read long into the night to finish this book. Stacy Eaton has once again done a masterful job of creating breath taking tension between two people, who know they shouldn’t let their relationship develop. But true love is hard to deny.

For those of you who find it refreshing to not have descrptive sex in a book, you’ll love Six Days of Memories.  OMG–the tension and the longing that oozes out of these characters is even hotter than pages of discription. Their private thoughts and the way they touch fire your imagination–you FEEL how they connect! 

Detective Natasha Foster may have to charge Jay Foster with 
murder–or worse, ….when they find out who he is

Jay, has amnesia. He remembers nothing about his past– zip–nada–.

All either of them know for certain, is that they have an instant connection that could develop into the love of their lives…or lead to heart break if they don’t keep it in check. 

I kept hoping that Jay would regain his memory and everything would be alright. I was caught up in the magnetism of their attraction to each other, their need to be together. I wanted then to just give in and take what they could…. 

Fiction can be more heart rending than real life drama! Six Days of Memories is one of those cases

 you can purchase six days of memories by clicking here on Amazon