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Gary Strata is a new author to me, and I truly enjoyed Kindred Killers. I read a wide variety of genres, but alongside romance, crime and mystery thrillers are at the top of my favorite reads.

Kindred Killers had so many twists and turns in the plot, I really never suspected who the real murderer was until Detective Carter began to suspect him, and usually I have an idea when I read a book.

I loved the idea of Carter using Zen meditation to help himself cope with the horrors that he encountered in his work. I loved his dedication to his work, but also his commitment to his love, Jill Seacrest.  And PI Jay Fishburne captured my attention as well. It really threw me for a loop when his friend and confidant Sid Auerback (who is a cop) turned him in as a possible suspect for the serial killings. I began to wonder—could it be true??

Kindred Killers is not only a murder mystery, it is a psychological thriller involving a murdered who didn’t know he was a murder.  Wow—talk about a shocker.

I found this book to be a terrific read, and Gary Strata is on my list of authors to follow. After I read the book I discovered that he has several others.

You can purchase Kindred Killers by clicking here.

I am super excited. Months of long hours and hard work are coming to fruition!  The Hand of Fate, Book Three of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series will be available on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback soon! 


Stand By Your Man by Bobby Hutchinson_ - Copy

A week ago, when I was making my first visit to Story Cartel I discovered “Stand By Your Man” by Bobby Hutchinson. I have to confess, I met Bobby Hutchinson 25 years ago when I was attending writers conferences and had dreams of being an author myself. Through time I lost touch with her and most of the other members of the writing community. I was delighted to see her work again so I downloaded it for free. For the record, I read widely and I know I can give this review with no bias.

I used to be an avid reader of simple romances and while my tastes have changed more toward woman’s contemporary works through the years, I absolutely loved “Stand By Your Man.”

This is by no means a simple romance; it has mystery, as well as the depth of contemporary elements that include a dysfunctional family and Maddy the PI, whose secondary job seems to keeping the whole Bertusso family from falling apart or destroying itself. Add to that, hunky Finn Fisher who has his own emotional baggage, plus Zoe, his adorable daughter and the rest of his dysfunctional family; top it all off the undeniable attraction that leads to the steamy sex that he and Maddy share with no promises or commitments and you have a great read.

I loved the snappy dialogue, the quirky and sometimes hackneyed little lines, the notes she tacked up everywhere, the farting dog; it was a refreshing, fun filled read with a depth I don’t always expect to find in this genre. I have to admit that as I read I smiled often, even giggled out loud.

Snap this one up! Don’t miss a treasure!

you can purchase this book on Amazon