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contract for marriage

This review is from: Contract for Marriage (Entangled Indulgence) (Kindle Edition)

Frankly I was totally seduced by the story plot, the characters of Christos and Ruby, and the high level of sexual tension that crackled between them.

Ten years have passed when her mother dies and a pregnant Ruby comes back to New Zealand to claim her old home; the property that has been in the family for generations; the birthright that she passionately desires to hand down to her child.

Many things have changed in her absence. Her teenage lover, Christos, is no longer the house keeper’s poverty stricken son. Driven by anger at Ruby’s perceived betrayal and the need to prove to the world, especially Ruby’s arrogant father, that he was more than a mere servants son, he has worked hard, making good decisions and become one of the richest men in New Zealand. Ten years earlier, Ruby’s father had banned him from this house when he discovered he and Ruby were lovers. It was beneath his social status to have his daughter dating the son of the hired help. Now he plans to defy his youthful social standing and make the house his own.

To her shock, Ruby learns that half of the home she assumed would be hers is owned by the one man who broke her heart. He thinks he can just pay her out and get rid of her but he has no idea how much she wants to share the foundation of her roots with her child. When Christos realizes that money won’t sway her, he comes up with the idea of a marriage contract. They will share the house, sleep in their own rooms and he will take on the responsibility of her child.

Betrayal and broken trust sabotage this contract before it is signed; the signatures on the paper seal a deal for a marriage of convenience between two people who have vowed to never trust each other again, and never open their hearts to love. While they cannot fight their sexual chemistry, they both know that sex between consenting adults is just sex and does not equate love. Can they keep their hearts out of it? They are both determined that they will.

I totally enjoyed the read and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fast paced romantic read. (PS–this is not a vagina pounder; it is very sensuous and steamy. Perfectly done!)

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 Nice and smooth April 28, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
I have seen this book and author around on several blogs and sites, but each time I looked at the cover, something just kept me from buying it. I’m a visual person right off the bat, and the cover never really called to me. However, I finally looked past the cover to see what the story was really about. This was one case where I am glad that I looked beyond just the visual and took a leap.This book was a very good read, very smoothly written and well edited. I loved Frankie the lead female in the story. I could relate to her strength and her insecurities. The depth of the character was strong and really filled you in. While I liked Colt, I felt that sometimes we didn’t always see the complete side of him and I would have liked to see a bit more about how he ticked.

The storyline moved along very nicely and I enjoyed how it grew and how it ended. I would have liked to see a final conversation with Ollie, the boss at the ranch, when all the news broke at the end because I believed it played a vital role in the story, but the way it ended worked well. The sexual nature of the book is very calm and clean, leaving your to visualize how much you want to, or not.

I am very glad that I picked up this book and gave it a chance. It was a great quick read – took me just about 4 hours to read cover to cover. I will definitely be reading more of this author.

Hearts at Risk by Gloria Antypowich 2012/03/04 |Author KYbunnies

Hearts At Risk by Gloria Antypowich This book was offered as part of the Readn’Review for the month of March at the World Literacy Cafe. This is not a paid review. This review is my own opinion after reading this book. To form your own opinion please support the author and legally acquire your own copy. This book does not have a description at either or at I decided to read this book based on the reviews located at each site. -continue reading….>