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I don’t read a lot of YA—or paranormal, but this book came up in an online reading group that I belong to and the cover caught my eye—I love the cover! Then I read the book summary and was intrigued. I don’t read a lot of paranormal either, but the powers described to these three teenagers caught my attention because I have a fascination with healing powers. As well, I have personally known a couple of people who claim to have dreams that come true or just have a “knowing” about people. One time I commented that it must be cool to have that ability, and the man said he wished he didn’t have it, because it was very difficult knowing something was going to happen (usually a death) and not being able to do anything about it.

So, I was attracted to this book and once I started reading, I got lost in the story, forgetting that it was YA or considered paranormal.

The opening paragraph grabbed my attention immediately; “ Somehow I thought I would know when my life was in mortal danger. I’m not talking spidey sense or anything, just some kind of clue something bad is about to happen. I guess I got the idea from the movies. Real life, I found, is very different…..” When I read that I was hooked.

The book is YA, and author totally got the teenage thing—and since I have been around teenagers throughout the years, I appreciated the teenage insecurities, the alienation that Em felt at school, the very spiteful nasty girl named Angel, that bullied Em. I appreciated Tommy, the new boy at school who liked her, (rather than Roz) and was there for her, protective but encouraging her to stand up for herself. And I could imagine what it was like to have a best friend that the guys just fell all over, while they ignored Em even though the two girls were together. Yet Roz was special and a loyal friend. The two girls shared a strong bond and Roz’s father was the “dad” Em didn’t have. His love reached out and included Em. And I am certain that Em’s strange sister, Lauren could have a book of her own because we only saw an unflattering side of her and it was hard to decide if she was jealous, overprotective, mentally unbalanced or if she also had a deep dark secret from the past. Em’s mother had her own problems; in fact her entire family was dysfunctional in so many ways.

The author portrays the characters well. Some I really liked, others I couldn’t stand, but the plots turns and twists kept me engaged, and several times when I was certain that I knew who the murderer was, in the next minute I wasn’t so certain.

The author ended the story with a great hook. A frightening phone call: the voice of a person she thought was dead, that she believed was dead, that she wanted to be dead, saying “I’m coming home.”
—and I knew I will want to read the next book, even though this isn’t my usual genre.

A job well done Kat Stiles and I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes YA and paranormal—or people like me who will step out of the norm and just give it a try. Enjoy a great read!

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This book was a touching story of a first love,death, grief, second chances,moving on with life and a twist of paranormal and mystery. The lives of Greg, Lisa, their daughter Maggie and Lisa’s best friend, Marta, are all interwoven from the very beginning. There were many twists and turns in the story line as the paranormal elements crept in. At first I thought Lisa was the cause of them, but as the story came to the conclusion I realized I was wrong.

This is a good read and I recommend it to anyone who likes something than the regular run of the mill story.

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Cougar of Spirit Lake

I enjoyed Cougar of Spirit Lake immensely: I have to admit it was not what I expected it to be, but in the end it was even more than I’d imagined it could be. Linnette Eller’s characters were believable and fully developed and the story line wove through powerful emotions, over an extensive period of time and journeyed through a lot of country. -continue reading>

The Hambledown Dream

I bought this book on a “buy three and get one free” promotion, and to honest I picked it because Dean Mayes was a first time author and I know how hard it is to get started and I wanted to give him a hand up.  I had no real idea what the book was about except that it was about two guitar players. It has languished on my Kindle since November 1st.  I’m getting so many books in my Kindle library that I decided I’d better get caught up on my reading so I clicked on The Hambledown Dream.

What a wonderful surprise it was! This book was way more than I had ever expected.

In Australia:

“How could it have come to this?”

Denny Banister’s life was full of promise. He had success, friends, personality, love and dreams of a great future. And he had magical fingers on the guitar.

Then suddenly he experienced a few days of not feeling well and swollen glands in his neck.   He passed it off as the flu, but when he felt better the lump did not go away.  By the time he went to have it checked out, he had an aggressive form of lymphoma that had metastasized before he ever knew he had it.  It took mere months for his life to ebb away. He was surrounded by family, his hand clasped in the hand of his love when he died. He was 25 years old.

“This is not over were the last words he uttered as he looked into the eyes of his beloved.

In Chicago:

“How could it have come to this?”

A gurney is shepherded along by a medical emergency team dressed in green scrubs. The limp, wasted body of a druggie who has overdosed lies on it. His clothing is dirty and damp. Stringy, greasy vomit stained hair covers the young man’s face and chest. They don’t know who he is; only that he is about 25, that he’d been found unconscious at some rave party and that drugs were involved.

Already additional staff are ready and waiting with emergency equipment set to go. Intervenous—application of defibrillator paddles sending electrical currents streaming into the body; once, twice—no results. Then a desperate third try.

The oppressive blackness that the young man has hung in parts slowly, replaced byshades of grey. There is movement, shadow, texture and a glimpse of something else that he’s not sure of.

“This is not over” a whispered voice echos in the gloom. -continue reading..>

WoMen's Literary Cafe

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Any Given Christmas is the second book in a trilogy about the Silverthorne siblings from Deer Lick, Montana.  There is a continuing para-normal theme that runs through Second Chance at The Sugar Shack and Any Given Christmas: the family’s recently departed mother appears on many occasions to talk to her children, encouraging them to make decisions that will make their lives complete.  I loved her in the first book and she tickled my fancy in this one too.

At the age of fourteen, Dean Silverthorne had vowed two things to himself: First, to never get suckered, lured, conned or tricked into the dreaded I Do’s. Marriage would never be for him. All he had to do was look at the misery on -continue reading….>

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When Amrita Merchuck gave birth to her daughter, the midwife looked at her blue lifeless body and pronounced her still born. Mrs Merchuck had lost a lot of blood and there was fear that she would die, but she pleaded with the midwife to just let her hold the baby, and the old lady granted her that wish.

Mrs Merchuck held the baby close, caressing the lifeless little blue hands, telling her how much she loved her. Suddenly she felt a vibration.  “It’s the baby. Her hand is ….vibrating?” she thought.  And suddenly this woman who had bled so much that the midwife thought she would die, was filled with warmth and contentment; she rebounded and rode a wave of golden energy. She felt buoyant and full of life.  She opened her eyes and looked down at her daughter, who was suddenly very much alive. The child was squirming and pink; her blue eyes wide open and calm.

Ivy Merchuck had made her grand entrance -continue reading…>





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