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Over time, I’ve realized that in a relationship or a marriage, you shouldn’t try to change your partner. We are who we are, and when you accept people instead of trying to change them to fit your needs, your relationships can fully blossom. ~ Deepak Chopra

Love is a big leap of faith…

playful young man picking up his girlfriend by the lake in fall

This is so true, and In A Second Chance, Book Four of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series, Sara Brite (the heroine) tries to explain this in similar words to her young son, Taylor. Watch for the book in the next few weeks!


Quote: I write romance and passion to savour love twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Angeline M. Bishop

I write romance because I am fascinated by human relationships, and to me—when the chips are all on the table—there is nothing in life that is more important than love, relationships, family and friends. Money and prestige are tools that can be used to build a comfortable life—and for many of us, there never seems to be enough. But when you are ill or in trouble, for most people, it is not the knowledge that you have amassed x-amount of dollars or assets that comforts your heart… it is knowing that you have someone who cares, someone to adjust your pillow, bring you a glass of water, hold your hand or just be there. These kind gestures are all part of the ‘romance’ that encouraged and nourished that love.romantic

Sadly,romance writing has been given a “black eye” for several decades—many people do not see them as real books. Every romance author has heard someone say, “I don’t read that trash,” or “why do you waste your time writing junk like that?” or “why don’t you write something worthwhile?” Most of those people have never read a romance novel so they have not made an informed decision. And some of the women and men who read romances, usually don’t tell anybody, because they fear that they will be ridiculed. There are also those who are uncomfortable having conversations about the things that are part of how relationships work: attraction, touching, kissing, and feeling the rush of desire, the act of sex, fighting, and making up. For many these are still very private things that they believe should stay in the dark, in the privacy of the bedroom. But in actual fact, almost every aspect of human relationships are  publicly known and a accepted reality.

The trivialization of the romance genre is particularly curious given the tremendous success it enjoys. Statistically, over fifty percent of all books sold are romances. It is no wonder, since reading is a respite for many, an escape from the pressures of everyday life, an opportunity to put your own cares aside, and delve into another world.

goodwritingMy books do not follow a formula; in fact, sometimes they don’t fit neatly into the romance genre. But they are about people who could be your next door neighbour, or a person you work with. I cannot work over a weekend and put out a new book. Each one takes months to write, and like every other author; I become very involved with the fictitious characters, who become very real to me. I know their careers; I share their happiness, disappointments, growing emotions, and those incredible private moments when they fall into bed. I take part in their friendships, marriages, births of their children and experience all of the challenges my characters face in their relationships’, romantic or otherwise.                                                                                   

 The four books in the Belanger Creek Ranch series have happy endings, but I have three books in mind that do not necessarily have a happy ending… because, that is how life sometimes goes… However, they do have satisfactory endings.

In a nutshell, I write “Romance” because I believe human relationships (happy or unhappy) leave the most enduring imprints on our lives, and I want to share that with my readers.









Maggie's Turn ebook cover final

I eagerly anticipated Maggie’s Turn and it did not disappoint me. I became a Deanna Lynn Sletten fan months ago when I read Widow, Virgin, Whore; it was book based on a difficult subject, with a story line that has stayed in my mind as one of the most memorable books I have read. Sletten writes thought provoking stories, with characters so real that her readers relate to them and feel their emotions as they deal with difficult situations.

The underlying theme in Maggie’s Turn touches on the reality of many marriages. For generations men have felt that their main role is to provide a good home and the necessities of life. The bigger the pay check and the higher their position in the community, the more successful they feel. They justify their actions with the premise that all the hard work and long hours they spend gives their family the material things they want. Even when the wife works, she is often still responsible for the “women’s work.” These women become the glue that holds the family together, but in the process they sacrifice their individuality and end up feeling unappreciated.

Maggie and Andrew Harrison were happy and very in love when they’d married twenty three years earlier, but their relationship had changed greatly as the years passed. Their worlds had slipped apart.

Andrew became consumed by his job and his public image. He didn’t communicate with his two teenage children and he had no idea or interest in what Maggie’s everyday world entailed. In his mind it was insignificant in the big scheme of things. As a husband and a father he was a dropout.

Maggie became the one who handled all the demands of keeping their household running smoothly with little or no appreciation expressed by her family. She didn’t complain a lot; in fact she didn’t consciously intend to change things but one day after she had taken her daughter to school, instead of going home, she spontaneously drove through the intersection and headed out of town.

She wasn’t planning to leave, she just wanted to indulge a few hours for herself. The miles sped by and the hours passed. Suddenly she realised that she had driven to far to return home, so she got a room intending to return the next day. But the next day she continued on, enjoying the freedom she’d missed for so long. She started on a journey of self-discovery.

It was Maggie’s Turn. After years of catering to everyone else’s needs, Maggie took time for herself; time to reassess her life and discover what she wanted.

At first Andrew was more angered by the fact that she wasn’t there to keep the household running smoothly, than the fact that she was gone, because he simply didn’t believe that she would leave. Why would she?

When forced to deal with them as a parent, he finds that Kaia, their teenage daughter and Kyle, their nineteen year old son are virtually strangers who have little respect for him. He wants to blame Maggie, but gradually he has to face up to the things he has done and realise that those choices have created his families problems.

As Maggie continues on her journey she has opportunity to reflect on the emptiness of the marriage and regain her sense of self. She meets people who see her for the beautiful person she is. Does she actually want to go back to her old life?

Andrew is forced to look at what his self centered arrogance and the neglect of his family have cost him. Can he repair the damage or does he offer too little too late?

Both Maggie and Andrew have to re-evaluate their relationship. Can it be restored? Are they both willing to try? Or have they drifted too far apart?

Don’t miss this great read. For me this was a journey that both of them took and at times it was very painful and soul searching. It has depth and there are life lessons to learn in it. Deanna Lynn Sletten has done it again!

You can purchase Maggies turn on Amazon

Married or ...merry by Kate Papas
“Greek Humour Editions…To all women of the world!”I chuckled when I read this book.Papas says that as the years flew by and life kept changing she had to find something to keep her sane and ultimately the remedy was to “only focus on the hilarious, the comic, the pleasant, the agreeable, the anodyne, the-what-ever-you want-to-call it aspect of situations.”

In this book she chose to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the universal institution of marriage. Yes, around the world WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!! Admittedly, some of our conjugal lives are a yatch, others a warrior’s canoe, but we all have much in common, especially as far as our problems go.

Papas put a lot of research into this book of 40+1 reasons not to get married. She quotes Greek proverbs, Latin proverbs, Hindu proverbs, George Bernard Shaw, Virginie des Rieux (a French novelist) Francess Rodman (an American politician), the ceremony of marriage, Isadora Duncan, Mosaic Law, Benjamin Disraeli (British PM and Novelist), Greek sayings, Socrates, English proverbs, ZsaZsa Gabor, the bible, and oh yes, Bill Cosby! The list goes on (I don’t recall any American proverbs, but I may have missed them?? Are there any?)

To me this was a lighthearted spoof, filled with elements of truth about marriage but not a serious tome to convince people to choose to be merry, instead of married. (Note: Papas is still married to her original husband and has two sons.)

Though I don’t know her, I’d say Kate Papas is a woman of admirable character. From her biography I see she works with a drama group composed of blind people and in 2007 she won the second National Award conferred by the Ministry of culture on writers of Children’s theatrical plays, but I think she could (even may) do stand-up comedy!

I enjoyed the read. It depends on how you take it, but for me it was a lighthearted romp and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys humor with a glimpse of reality.

To purchase Married or…merry by Kate Papas click here on Amazon

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This book is a funny, witty, honest peek into reality.  Almost every woman who has experienced mother hood can relate to the emotions of the main character in some way. -continue reading>