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Hearts At Risk ebook is now available at Smashwords.  I am excited because it gives me more coverage in the market place and the flexibility to issue discount coupons. I’m celebrating by offering a FREE Coupon Code for a limited time as a gift for the New Year!
Thanks to Steve Caresser (pictured above) at for getting Hearts at Risk up and running on Smashwords in record time. Job well done and I highly recommend his service!
You can find Steve at
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My New Years gift to you;
Hearts At Risk ebook Free at Smashwords!
Coupon Code: FQ56J      Enjoy!

Also, thank you to “Kris-T-Lee Photography” for updating the cover for Smashwords. I wanted to retain the original cover for sentimental reasons. The girl in the picture is my soon to be 26 year old granddaughter and her fiance. They posed for the picture for the book. There isn’t a great change, but I am happy with this new cover; to me it focuses more on the people than the other features. Hopefully it will cover the “oh, is it a story about horses?” or more disappointing to me “is this about people at risk of having a heart attack?”   LOL I live and learn. Next time I’ll lead with my head, not just follow my heart!!

Enjoy your free copy of the Hearts At Risk ebook through Smashwords!

Watch for the sequel A Warm, Safe Place expected to be out on Smashwords by April!!

The Hambledown Dream

I bought this book on a “buy three and get one free” promotion, and to honest I picked it because Dean Mayes was a first time author and I know how hard it is to get started and I wanted to give him a hand up.  I had no real idea what the book was about except that it was about two guitar players. It has languished on my Kindle since November 1st.  I’m getting so many books in my Kindle library that I decided I’d better get caught up on my reading so I clicked on The Hambledown Dream.

What a wonderful surprise it was! This book was way more than I had ever expected.

In Australia:

“How could it have come to this?”

Denny Banister’s life was full of promise. He had success, friends, personality, love and dreams of a great future. And he had magical fingers on the guitar.

Then suddenly he experienced a few days of not feeling well and swollen glands in his neck.   He passed it off as the flu, but when he felt better the lump did not go away.  By the time he went to have it checked out, he had an aggressive form of lymphoma that had metastasized before he ever knew he had it.  It took mere months for his life to ebb away. He was surrounded by family, his hand clasped in the hand of his love when he died. He was 25 years old.

“This is not over were the last words he uttered as he looked into the eyes of his beloved.

In Chicago:

“How could it have come to this?”

A gurney is shepherded along by a medical emergency team dressed in green scrubs. The limp, wasted body of a druggie who has overdosed lies on it. His clothing is dirty and damp. Stringy, greasy vomit stained hair covers the young man’s face and chest. They don’t know who he is; only that he is about 25, that he’d been found unconscious at some rave party and that drugs were involved.

Already additional staff are ready and waiting with emergency equipment set to go. Intervenous—application of defibrillator paddles sending electrical currents streaming into the body; once, twice—no results. Then a desperate third try.

The oppressive blackness that the young man has hung in parts slowly, replaced byshades of grey. There is movement, shadow, texture and a glimpse of something else that he’s not sure of.

“This is not over” a whispered voice echos in the gloom. -continue reading..>

This is a great book. I read it in a few hours. Actually I started it on

a Sunday, towards evening, and then went to bed at 10 pm. I could not

go to sleep because I wanted to finish the book, so I got up and did it.

This book is very close to real life. I am sure every woman can

see herself in some sections of the story. I know I did. It is easy to

read and almost didn`t feel like fiction at all. I just loved it!

S. Laffer; meat cutter and school bus driver and avid reader


“. . . it is hard to imagine this novel is this authors first. This story

is written from the heart, about a heart. This book has adventure,

mystique and an incredible grass roots sensuality. Frankie Lamont

is a very classy, “hot blooded”, vibrant young woman—who can not

hide from the passion of love, even though that is what she thinks

she wants. The author takes the reader along with this reluctant, but fiery

woman, on a journey to a wonderful ending with some tantalizing

sensuality along the way. This is a romance novel that makes the

reader know they cannot wait to read more . . . what other sensuous

scenes and interesting adventures are coming next . . . ?”

Doug Richardson. Consultant, and an avid reader. Doug is

also involved with a small publishing company that is currently

working on a magazine from Paris, France, as well as other smaller

publishing projects.