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I was completely taken by the first book in this trilogy (All Hallows at Eyre Hall)—so much so that I immediately uploaded Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall to my Kindle.

Once again Luccia Gray has written a spectacular tale of love, unexpected betrayal, conspiracy, kidnapping, intrigue, shocking secrets and revelations that change life for the people at Eyre Hall in unexpected ways. This book takes you from their Yorkshire countryside to a despairing search in London and then across the Atlantic Ocean and stormy seas to colonial Jamaica and back.

Only desperation (or insanity) would have forced the journey back to Eyre Hall from Jamaica under the circumstances Jane and Michael found themselves in.

At the end of this book you still cannot be certain of what will happen—so many things hang in the balance. Will Michael survive, what fate awaits Jane when she returns home?

I am dismayed that we will not know the answers until the third book in the series is published in 2016!!

Note: While Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall can be read as a stand alone book, a reader will miss out on a greater understanding and the richness of the background of the characters if they don’t read All Hallows at Eyre Hall first.

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A very good read—not a formula romance, but a story that deals with complicated life issues and I like that in a book.

Mary Walker comes from a close knit family. She enters into a relationship with Robert Mackenzie, who seems like a wonderfully romantic person at first, but under the surface he is a dangerously possessive and controlling individual who sets out to cut Mary off from her friends and family, isolating her so that she has no ties with anyone but him.  This relationship is well portrayed and ends in a frightening situation that destroys Mary’s ability to trust and leaves her in a depressed state. (more…)

Patty Wisemans books

Multi award winning, Patty Wiseman is a talented writer who has a good understanding of human emotions and reactions, and has the ability to make her readers feel like they are right there with the characters.

This 3 book series takes you to Detroit in 1929—they follow the continuing story of Ruth Squire’s life.
An Unlikely Arrangement introduces her as a spunky rebellious 17 year old who wants to explore the world and live an exciting life. After she pulls a few rebellious stunts she finds her self imprisoned in her room while her parents plot to marry her off to the milk man in an effort to save her from herself.  When she meets this man whom she has imagined would be dull and uninteresting, she finds that she likes him and is willing to accept her “fate”.
But other forces are already in play; forces of corruption, greed and she becomes the ransom that will save her home and families life style.
This first book takes you on a skillfully written journey of love, betrayal, intrigue, kidnapping and murder—at a time when the power of the Mob rules . An Unlikely Arrangement ends on a cliff hanger, that skillfully leads you into its sequel “An Unlikely Beginning”.

In An Unlikely Beginning, Ruth Squire’s and Peter Kirby (the milk man) struggle to build a relationship and get married. But this book is also riddled with secrets and crime. Peter is kidnapped and Ruth takes matters into her own hands in an effort to save him. Some of her mother’s secrets also come to light, and the reader learns that many things are not what they seem to be. This is not a case of the sins of the father being visited upon his children, it is quite the opposite.

An Unlikely Conclusion is the third and final book of the series.  It begins just after Ruth Squire and Peter Kirby finally get married. They board the train to begin their honeymoon and less than a hour later they are involved in a horrific train accident. The intensity of this dramatic event is made even more tragic by Ruth’s momentary willful and stubborn actions just before it happened. This book leads them into another series of unexpected history that they had no idea about, and their relationship is almost torn apart.
Patty Wiseman has done masterful job of penning this series in it’s historical background, bringing to life the feelings of real human beings caught in the corruption of the mob during the Roaring Twenties. Even if you don’t usually read the Historical genre, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
The entire Velvet Shoe Collection is a worthy addition to any library!

PS>  I LOVE the covers!


Hopeless by Colleen HooverNormally I would never bother writing a review for a book that already has 6900 review because it certainly doesn’t need any more recognition—but this was such a wonderful book I feel I have to tell others how much I LOVED it.

This is a book about two teenagers—17 and 18 years—who have experienced dark, tough issues…abuse, betrayal, death, suicide; all linked to their childhood.  It is a sad story of being a victim, a wonderful story of survival, and the incredible strength and love they had for each other, the support they gave each other and how they helped each other move forward.

Colleen Hoover did a masterful job of weaving in the many layers that brought Linden Sky Davis and Dean Holden together; past, present and future.

Dean Holden is the bad boy/good boy who grabs your heart and holds it.  Sky Davis has lived in a world alien to most young people her age. When Dean comes into her life, he awakens memories that terrify her and while he doesn’t fully understand at first, he is terrified too. Together they unravel the tradgedy that her memories reveal.

In spite of the horrific past, the love they share is strong and loyal.  Considering the ages of the characters, this book was probably considered a YA book, but it is so much more than that.  The subject matter is deep and any woman would welcome a man like Dean; a man who made incredible love without even having sex.  I was smitten.

Don’t miss reading this.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is. This book would make an incredible movie.

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Blue Blood For Life: Book Two of the My Blood Runs Blue Series

For me “My Blood Runs Blue” was a delightful surprise and I was anxious to read the next book.  I was not disappointed when I read “Blue Blood For Life”! If anything I think I liked it even better. – continue reading….>





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