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I am super excited. Months of long hours and hard work are coming to fruition!  The Hand of Fate, Book Three of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series will be available on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback soon! 


Fissures is the compelling story of Andrew “Drew” Parsons, a young man who grew up in a dysfunctional family with an abusive father and an overprotective mother. Looking for acceptance and companionship, he became involved with a local group of drug users and thieves. While he knew that it was dangerous to stay involved, he didn’t make the choice to sever the relationship until it was too late, and he got caught in a robbery that went wrong, resulting in him going to jail for seven years.

He begins his sentence as a juvenile, still cocky, relying on his size and his bravado. When he is transferred to hard core prison he quickly discovers the harsh reality of where his mistakes have taken him. John, an older inmate befriends him, mentors him and helps him to look to a future beyond confinement. Drew does his best to stay out of trouble while inside. He uses the time to complete his schooling and work toward a university degree.

When he is released, nothing at home has changed. His parents relationship is still the same; his father is still abusive, his mother still needy and over protective. In a moment of anger, Drew’s father had unkindly informed him that he was adopted when he was a child. Drew decided that he needed to find his birth parents so he could better understand himself; he wanted to know who they were, why they had given him away. When Drew announced his intentions, his adopted family splintered even further.

Drew finds himself floundering in a maze of lies, family secrets, and heart wrenching deception. No one is who they seem to be; and there are no happy endings for anyone involved.

D.L. Hodges has crafted a thought provoking, tragic story. The plot contained material that really made me think about the importance of love and a solid support system through a child’s formative years. When we grow up in that environment we often take it for granted, but for the millions who grow up in violent, dysfunctional, uncaring homes they are left to struggle on their own. Many of them find their way to prison, just as Drew did, and Hodges painted a vivid and realistic picture of that life. Drew was possibly more fortunate than most inmates, when a man who played a defining roll in his life during and beyond his incarceration took him under his wing.

As Drew explores his past, the reader is forced to look at the role his mother played and how it influenced his father and set into motion his future. And the discovery of his birth parents is shattering. Oh what tangled webs we humans weave!

If you are looking for a “feel good story” of redemption, Fissures is probably not for you. If you enjoy a book that will challenge you and make you think; one that will hold your attention from page one; a plot that forever keeps you guessing as it reveals one more twist and turn–THIS IS A BOOK FOR YOU!


You can purchase Fissures at Amazon