Married or ...merry by Kate Papas
“Greek Humour Editions…To all women of the world!”I chuckled when I read this book.Papas says that as the years flew by and life kept changing she had to find something to keep her sane and ultimately the remedy was to “only focus on the hilarious, the comic, the pleasant, the agreeable, the anodyne, the-what-ever-you want-to-call it aspect of situations.”

In this book she chose to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the universal institution of marriage. Yes, around the world WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!! Admittedly, some of our conjugal lives are a yatch, others a warrior’s canoe, but we all have much in common, especially as far as our problems go.

Papas put a lot of research into this book of 40+1 reasons not to get married. She quotes Greek proverbs, Latin proverbs, Hindu proverbs, George Bernard Shaw, Virginie des Rieux (a French novelist) Francess Rodman (an American politician), the ceremony of marriage, Isadora Duncan, Mosaic Law, Benjamin Disraeli (British PM and Novelist), Greek sayings, Socrates, English proverbs, ZsaZsa Gabor, the bible, and oh yes, Bill Cosby! The list goes on (I don’t recall any American proverbs, but I may have missed them?? Are there any?)

To me this was a lighthearted spoof, filled with elements of truth about marriage but not a serious tome to convince people to choose to be merry, instead of married. (Note: Papas is still married to her original husband and has two sons.)

Though I don’t know her, I’d say Kate Papas is a woman of admirable character. From her biography I see she works with a drama group composed of blind people and in 2007 she won the second National Award conferred by the Ministry of culture on writers of Children’s theatrical plays, but I think she could (even may) do stand-up comedy!

I enjoyed the read. It depends on how you take it, but for me it was a lighthearted romp and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys humor with a glimpse of reality.

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