I really liked this book—for the story it wove, but I must confess that I loved it almost as much because it was written in a setting that I know and could relate too. I’ve been in the Kamloops Airport many times, I’ve been to Louis Creek and Clearwater in the beautiful Thompson River Valley.  I have never heard of Destiny Falls (I believe is a fictional place because I searched online and didn’t find such a place in the area where the book is written) but it was typical of a small interior logging town, where everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

Jess Morgan is beleaguered by painful memories that she hasn’t dealt with. One of them centers on the relationship that she and her mother do not have—and, as we learn while the story unfolds, they never did have because her father was the type of individual that he was.

Jess had resented her step father, who was the man that had quickly stepped up to support her mother after Jess’s father’s death. Jess and he had never made peace with each other, but when he died, Jess felt obligated to come home for a few days to see her mom. Then she would head back to her life in Toronto.

But in real life (and fiction) things are often not what they appear to be.  She found her mother desolate, floundering in the pain of her loss. This shocked Jess, but it further angered her because she felt her mother had never grieved for her father in the same way. Yet her heart reached out to the woman she had never understood.  Their struggle was a major part of this story.

And then there was Adam Wright, the handsome hero. As an adolescent, Jesse had worn her heart on her sleeve for him, but he hadn’t paid any attention to her. She was far too young then, and now she is far too jaded and defensive.

Adam’s interest peaks immediately, and he pursues her, but she does everything she can to push him away. When she heads back to her job in Toronto he believes he has lost her because he pushed her too hard.

I liked the way the plot developed and how it came to conclusion.  This is a light read, but it actually does deal with circumstances that can happen in real life.  My husband was a logger, and I know men who work in the same profession Adam does. The descriptions are true to life and all the characters were well developed and relateable.

Don’t miss a great read set in beautiful British Columbia, Canada by an author who lives in the same province!

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