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Make room for this new book beside Fifty Shades of Grey on your book shelf— The Manservant could be the first instalment in the FIFTY SHADES OF GAY series!
Honi suit qui mal y penseevil be to him who evil thinks! (French) This phrase come up repeatedly and I have to believe that it had more meaning to the book than simply a tattoo on a “gentleman” farmers arse!
This book came up as looking for reviews and I had a good idea of what it was about when I bought it. I am a monogamous heterosexual, but I do not judge people on their personal and private sexual practices. To me, we are all people first; we all have feelings and share every range of emotion that mankind experiences. I know people who are homeosexual, lesbian and bi sexual- their lifestyle is not what I choose, but I have no desire to “change” them. They are who they are.

I read for many reasons—entertainment, learning—a look into niches of society that I know nothing about. The Manservant gave me a glimpse into the world of modern aristocracy and the life of a man who is homosexual. (I found myself wondering if the English aristocracy really does still live with all that pomp and pretentiousness—and are a large percentage of the men in merry old England so  handsome, raunchy and“naughty”??)

The Manservant is well written, well edited, descriptive, and humorous. I chuckled more than once. I have read sexual scenes in today’s modern erotic romances that have pushed my “OMG- meter” to a far higher level than those described in this book. There are hints at bondage and some spanking scenes- a bit of shoving and male roughness while making out, but mostly it was what any human does when they engage in foreplay—touching, caressing, kissing.

BDSM has become a big seller, even though I personally do not understand today’s fascination with it. I am claustrophobic and I would freak out if I was confined and unable to get away, and I do not associate inflicting pain with arousal—I firmly believe that chocolates and dinner are more effective! But I acknowledge that different strokes work for different folks.

If you have strong feelings and beliefs about what many consider “normal”sexual preferences, be WARNED—this book will probably offend you; not because of the quality of the prose, but because of its basic contents.

I recommend The Manserant to anyone who is willing to read with an open mind and not want to crucify the authors excellent work because they have a different beflief about human sexuality.

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The night I started this book, I read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The next day I broke my own rule about not reading during the day. I quickly did what I had to do around the house and on social media, and then I grabbed my kindle and settled into this fast paced, exciting thriller, and read until it was done.

I love Vigilante books—and Colin Bailey (“The Phoenix”) captured me immediately.  Truthfully, there are times in real life when I think the world could use groups like the Olympus Project to rid society of some of its festering sores. (and they probably do exist!)

This book had it all for me—excitement, drama, suspense, intrigue, sex, filled with great dialogue and rich description.  I really enjoyed the way very pertinent modern day social issues were woven into the plot, and the results were not sanitized. They were tragic, just as they would be in real life, and for me it added to the authenticity of the story.  I sometimes had to remind myself that this was simply great fiction!

Ted Tayler has become the latest “favorite author” on my list, and I will be reading more of his works. I immediately downloaded Conception, The Birth of Pheonix, and I know I will be looking into more of Taylers  previous books.

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