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 Ask yourself… What dream would I like to be living some day? Then… go make it happen!


All The Blue Eyed Angles by Jen Blood_AA160_Sins of the father Book 2by Jen Blood_

Southern Cross Book 3 by Jen Blood_Before the After Book 5 by Jen Blood

I have become a great fan of the Erin Solomon Penology and Jen Bloods writing.  I read “Sins of the Father” first, then decided to go back and start at the beginning so I bought  “All the Blue Eyed Angels, Book l of the Erin Solomon Pentology” and then I eagerly devoured “Southern Cross.”  I was hooked on the series and when “Before the After” came out I immediately snapped it up. I was not disappointed. Once again this book takes the reader on a fast paced journey and the plot becomes even more sinister.

In this series, Erin Solomon returns to her childhood home of Littlehope after inheriting Payson Island.  She is plagued by elusive memories of her childhood and a mysterious and devastating fire that killed the congregation of Payson Church of Tomorrow. The fire happened when Erin was ten and everyone thought it was the result of a cult suicide pact. Erin discovered it was not and sets out to solve the murders.  Add two totally different types of men; Diggs, an old friend who obviously cares for Erin as more than a friend and Juarez who is also head over heels in love with her and you have a heart tugging love triangle.

The story line that embodies  a religious cult, dark mystery, murder and constant action and danger runs through out the first four books, compelling the reader to continue reading to find out what is going to happen next.  The plot becomes more sinister, taking you into unexpected terrain.  I anxiously await the final book to find out what happens in this series, but I would be happy to see Erin Solomon and friends venture into a new mystery.

Do yourself a favor and buy all of them, then start with book one and follow the mystery all the way through.

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A Sister's Promise

This was a wonderful story of sisters, bound even closer than normal, by the child hood they shared; as well as their DNA.

I loved these two sisters right from the start. Joely is faced with circumstances that would be daunting to many. She projects her dream onto her sister Kate, hoping to live vicariously through her and enjoy an experience that she feels will never be her own.

But Kate and her husband have their own vision of life and it is not in line with Joely’s plans.

I believe there are three truths about every situation in life; yours, mine and the absolute truth! I felt Kate was caught in that scenario. Joely believed she knew what she wanted , Kate and her husband, Mitch, wanted something very different. Eventually,Kate had to discover her own truth and make decisions that were not based on Joely or Mitch`s wishes. Her hard decisions forced the two most important people in her life grow emotionally too.

I loved the way this book ended. In real terms, life and relationships can take unpredictable turns; this was true in “A sisters Promise”.

I really enjoy Karen Lenfestey`s writing. I read “What Happiness Looks Like” first, and I liked it so much that I decided to read “A Sister`s Promise” to get full picture of Joely and Kate`s story.

I was not disappointed and I would recommend that anyone interested read both of them!

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My toast to you for a great read or two!