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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I will admit that at first I was distracted from the actual story, by the the UK idioms that are very different from North American speech even though we all speak “English.”

I read when I go to bed, and I was constantly reading lines to my husband, because I found the expressions so amusing. But all laughter aside, there is a real detective novel hidden beneath all those words.

Detective Zig Batten (CID) finds himself exported from urban Yorkshire to rural Sommerset in England. (One thing that surprised me was the difference in dialect between this two areas—it could be equated to the difference between west coast dialect in Canada and that of the Eastern provinces which are several thousand miles apart.)

Zig’s irreverent free thinking sort of got him in a bind in Yorkshire, and the move to Sommerset saves face for his career. He is a thorough detective, but he wasn’t above bending the rules when he thought it was warranted, so he has to settle in and make the best of his position in a new area.

On his first day a group of elderly walkers discover a dead man beside a tree on a hill on their walking trail. Before he even gets a chance to settle into his new office, (that of the mysterious Chief Inspector Jellicoe) Zig Batten is thrown head-on into the mystery that unfolds through the many twists and turns in the happenings at Wake Hall and the other “entrepreneurial” illegal exploits in the district.

Beside the enthralling activities in the area, we learn a lot about Zig Batten through his internal dialogue. He has experienced a painful childhood, a failed relationship, and as the story advances, he is clearly wishing for the opportunity to have an ordinary life.

The characters in this book are perfectly drawn: flawed, but believable and they capture your attention. The mystery in this story is well crafted. It contains the elements of murder, betrayal, vengeance, and international criminal activity that happens beneath the very noses of the police, the people in the community and the people of Wake Hall.

A great read.

A Kiilling Tree can be bought on Amazon here



There are some authors that I just love!–well I mean I love their books! I just finished reading Six Days of Memories, by Stacy Eaton​. 

I read long into the night to finish this book. Stacy Eaton has once again done a masterful job of creating breath taking tension between two people, who know they shouldn’t let their relationship develop. But true love is hard to deny.

For those of you who find it refreshing to not have descrptive sex in a book, you’ll love Six Days of Memories.  OMG–the tension and the longing that oozes out of these characters is even hotter than pages of discription. Their private thoughts and the way they touch fire your imagination–you FEEL how they connect! 

Detective Natasha Foster may have to charge Jay Foster with 
murder–or worse, ….when they find out who he is

Jay, has amnesia. He remembers nothing about his past– zip–nada–.

All either of them know for certain, is that they have an instant connection that could develop into the love of their lives…or lead to heart break if they don’t keep it in check. 

I kept hoping that Jay would regain his memory and everything would be alright. I was caught up in the magnetism of their attraction to each other, their need to be together. I wanted then to just give in and take what they could…. 

Fiction can be more heart rending than real life drama! Six Days of Memories is one of those cases

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A Bullet For Carlos (Blood Flows South)
I had not read any of Giacomo (Jim) Giammatteo’s work before, but I am a big fan of action packed, hard edged crime stories and I loved A Bullet For Carlos (Blood Flows South).

Detective Connie Gianelli is a wonderfully human, determined woman whose values have been formed by her life experiences. Years before, Connie’s “mother” had refused to marry the love of her life, Dominic Mangini because she could not accept his mobster lifestyle, but she would not marry anyone else either. Dominic was who his was–he could not change; but he loved Maria Gianelli unconditionally and faithfully.

The story opens with a violent mobstyle murder and the unexpected complication of a baby girl found in a backroom. On the “job” Dominic Mangini is a violent, merciless mobster, but in his private life he is a devoted, loving man who cannot leave a child to die. He thinks of Maria, and he knows that now he can give her one thing he has cheated her of–a child. He takes the baby to her and convinces her that it was abandoned in the cold on a street corner and that it was god’s gift to her. Reluctantly, but joyfully, Maria embraces the child, whom she calls Concetta. Through the years the child grows up loving her “uncle” Dominic who instills strong Italian family traditions in her–“family is everything” and he is there to protect Connie and Maria, a strong fatherly influence in their family.

When Connie eventually learns that Dominic is actually a mobster she is stunned and she despises him. She joins the police force, in defiance of what he is and does–determined to represent law and justice. Connie Gianelle becomes known “Brooklyn’s toughest cop” as she and her team doggedly bring down drug dealers and bad guys. Then one night a drug bust goes bad, and her fellow members are killed. Connie knows she will be next to die. Desperate, she phones uncle Dominic for help, which comes immediately.

Inside the police force rumours about mob family connections have shadowed her career in the past, but now hard question arise–why was she the only one to survive? Why had basic procedure been circumvented? Why wasn’t back-up in place? Why had one of her fellow police officers called a mobster? Where did the drugs go? Internal Affairs is investigating her convinced that she is dirty, the police chief wants to bury her, take away her badge. Connie refuses to go easily, so she is assigned to a desk job solving cold cases. She does her job, but is determined to work behind the scenes to clear her name and find out what really happened in that dark alley on that fateful night.

The heart of “A Bullet For Carlos” takes off from this point.

Giammatteo has crafted a masterful piece of work. The plot is convoluted; filled with tenacity, adventure, violence, love and family tradition and loyalty, good guys, bad guys. The characters become real people that you can relate to; some you root for, others you intensely dislike and some that you can’t help but admire and yet despise at the same time.

When I came to the last paragraph I felt justice had been served and I was satisfied. Then I realised that in one sense it had been, but in another, I had actually been led to the edge of a cliff and would have to wait for the next book in the series to discover “the rest of the story.” And I will be first in line to read it.

I so liked Giammatteo`s work that I immediately downloaded “Murder Takes Time” and read it. I’m a diehard fan now. If you like great characters, and a hard edged plot filled action, don’t miss this book. It will keep you riveted from beginning to end. This book would make a great movie!

You can purchase this book on Amazon

The Board Game Murders

I enjoyed this book. It reminded me of one of those old English “Who Done It” movies. Charles Moneymaker and his friend and associate, John Reading are invited to spend Christmas at a friends place in the country near Boston. -continue reading>