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The Second Time Around, Book One of The Belanger Creek Ranch Series tells a truly Canadian story about ranching, cattle, romance, tough choices and taking chances. The characters that come to life on the pages are people that you feel like you know from somewhere–or wish you did. Readers meet -continue reading…>

Hearts At Risk

Karry Ann – See all my reviews

This review is from: Hearts at Risk (Paperback)

I down loaded the e-version of Hearts at Risk because I couldn’t get it anywhere in my area. I had it on my Touch pad in about 30 seconds and then once I started reading the story, I couldn’t put it down. This is an easy story to read. Though I am not much of a romance reader, I enjoyed this book because felt like …continue reading

I got a email last night from LeRae Haynes who writes for WELCOME To WILLIAMS LAKE.COM.  saying she would like to “book” fifteen moments of my time for an interview.

My husband, Lloyd, had met her at -continue reading…>