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I read many different genres and depending on my mood, I read for different reasons—sometimes for comforting relaxation, sometimes to learn and sometimes to enjoy a gripping thriller.

The Istanbul Puzzle was neither comforting nor relaxing.  It was a gripping thriller, but I also learned a lot about ancient history and the city of Istanbul.  I was so enthralled with the history and the description of the city, that I would go online to check out places that were mentioned—some I found, some I did not—and the author explained that in his “tour guide” at the end of the book. I want to say Thank you to Laurence O’Bryan for putting that in.

The storyline was riveting. As I read, it struck me that sometimes when I read a novel the words are just ordinary script on my Kindle, but to me The Istanbul Puzzle almost seemed to appear in bold letters!  I was totally captured by the novel.

The book opens with a horrific murder scene. Later we learn that the victim was Alex Zegliwski, who was Sean Ryan’s best friend and co-worker. Sean is shocked by the savagery and determined to find out why his colleague was murdered and who was responsible. His quest leads him on a perilous journey. 

This book could have been written in 2015—it deals with many of our modern day issues; the threat of Middle Eastern radicalism overtaking Europe, the struggle of good and evil, conspiracy, even the possible spectre of germ warfare on a large scale.

O’Bryan’s writing is full of texture—you see, feel and smell as he describes the scenes. I felt the crush of the crowds in the streets of Istanbul, and again in London when the Muslim masses gathered.  I got lost in the emotions of the characters: Sean’s determination to solve the puzzle, the awakening feelings between him and Isabel Sharp, their terror and anxiety, the equally determined mind of the enemy who sought to kill them.

Did I love this book? You bet I did! I was so involved that I didn’t even think to look for any editing errors if they existed. When I finished it, I immediately went to Amazon and bought The Jerusalem Puzzle and added it to my TBR list.  However—you never know when I might decide to skip ahead and read for the pleasure of it!

If you like a fast paced, suspense filled action thriller with great description and a lot of history and reality woven in, you will probably enjoy The Istanbul Puzzle as much as I did.   

The Istanbul Puzzle can ne purchased on by clicking here

The Brothers' Keepers by Mathew PetersI just finished reading The Brothers’ Keepers this afternoon—I usually read when I go to bed. I only read a book that is very compelling otherwise—and this book was definitely compelling. I had to know where it would go—but I didn’t want it to end! I only wish there was a second Nicholas Branson novel to follow up with immediately. I went to and looked, but alas there wasn’t, so I bought Conversations Among Ruins by the same author. It is an entirely different kind of book, but I am very interested in reading it.

I’ll admit, I bought The Brothers’ Keepers, not because I’d read the reviews, but because someone I’m acquainted with, made an ungenerous remark about it to my husband and I was curious. After I got into the story, I could understand where his thoughts had originated from, because this book is boldly thought provoking when it comes to the accepted concept of Jesus, the origins of Christianity and our western society as we know it. For some it could be very unsettling. However it wasn’t for me.

I read a wide variety of books, and murder/mystery/ thrillers are among my favorites. I was intrigued on many levels when I started reading it. I’m always pulled to a story line that leads to the discovery of something that will cause upheaval in real, accepted social concepts. Political corruption in the US government is not hard to imagine, but I wondered how he would credibly handle the corruption within the Vatican. And of course, I was eager to learn what the hidden treasure was, and how finding it would be handled.

Peters did a masterful job of weaving the plot, and he made the deceitfulness in the highest ranks of the US government, and the corruption and jockeying for power within the Vatican and the Catholic Church seem so plausible that there were times when I had to remind myself that it was fiction.

Peters’ writing is crisp, authentic and realistically descriptive. His knowledge of the scripture and the history of the church and the concept of Christianity is very apparent, but he weaves it into a heart pounding, action filled mystery/thriller, in a way that only adds to the authenticity of the story.

I liked this book because it was an action packed read. But I also liked it because I found it to be thought provoking.

I read the other reviews on Amazon, before I wrote this. Someone said “Dan Brown wishes he wrote this,”in their review. I have enjoyed two of Dan Browns books, but I can honestly say, that if I were given a choice between them, and The Brothers’ Keepers—Matthew Peters has my vote.

you can purchase The Brothers’ Keepers on Amazon

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This review is from: The Consultant (Barry/McCall Series) (Kindle Edition)

I’m hooked on Claude Bouchards writing.  I read “Vigilante” and loved it. I then bought the second book in the series—“The Consultant.” and was not disappointed. Chris Barry is now officially my favorite good bad guy! -continue reading>

The Codex file

This an intriguing action packed murder, mystery, conspiracy novel based on the premise of select few members of the UK  government seeking to ban the internet and put a government controlled version of it in place.  This move robs an unsuspecting citizenship of it’s freedom; of control over it’s choices and it’s environment. -continue reading…>