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map from Horsefly to Bella Coola0003

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A week ago my husband lined up a trip to Bella Coola to market his books.  I usually go with him on all these trips because I do not want to see him make long trips by himself anymore. Lately I have been overwhelmed with computer work, dealing with his publisher and the publishing process for three of his manuscripts, as well as trying to catch up on my accounting and book keeping for 2013, so I was grateful when he found someone else to go along with him.  Then at the last minute his companion for the trip couldn’t go so I put aside my work and said I would go with him.  And it turned out to be a spectacularly beautiful journey and I was so happy things had turned out the way they did!

The trip is about 1000 km round trip from our home at Horsefly to Bella Coola. 

We’d had cloudy, showery weather but Tuesday morning when we left home it was a sunny spectacular day.  I’d been watching the weather network from Alexis Creek, to Anahim and on to Bella Coola and the forecast looked good for the days we would be travelling.  The weatherman didn’t change his mind–we had sunshine and clear sky all the way there and back.  Fall is my favorite time of the year  and the colors were a feast for the eyes.  It was a fabulous trip!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A little romance on The Lit Chick Show

In this program, we feature author Gloria Antypowich and her romance novel “Hearts at Risk”. Gloria truly lives the happily-ever-after romance myth, and after 50 years of marriage she confesses that she still has the “hots” for hubby. Woo hoo! What a wonderful and inspirational thing this is. I’m a bit envious, Gloria :-)

Gloria lives in a little town called Horsefly, located in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. She’s a little bit of celebrity there and even her hairdresser has organised a book signing.
It’s so wonderful when the spirit of a town gets behind its authors. I wish more of this would happen.
I’d like to thank Gloria for sharing her novel and story with us on the show and to wish her every success for the future.

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