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I encourage readers and authors to click on this link and sign the petition to request that Amazon change its “You Know This Author Policy.”  Amazon is deciding which reviews will be accepted and posted for individual books, showing no respect for the readers who buy books from their sites and take time to express their thoughts about what they have read in a review.

Amazon is so big, I actually do not expect that they will listen to us. Because of it’s massive audience, no author can afford to totally ignore Amazon, but at this time having all your reviews in one place is not healthy for an author or for potential readers

Amazon  is not the only game in town and I think we all need to reach beyond it  As individuals we can reach out to other reviewer and reader groups to avoid the dictatorship of one monopoly–check out Good Reads (who at this time has many readers and authors and while it is owned by Amazon, it is not being restricted in the same way), Indie Writer Support and BooksGoSocial.

Jas Ward started this petition. Please read what she has written.


In the world where both Indie and Traditional authors are using all tools available to try to get their latest books out to the reader, it’s essential for the authors and their associates to use social media: IE: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

With that being said, a reader is therefore going to have cookies and data when they see that interaction and very likely would have LIKED and/or followed the authors pages, profiles and other avenues being a fan of the author’s work.  They are fans after all–they want to know what an author does and their current news and title releases. 

Your current process of removing reviews that a reader has created to show their honest & sincere opinion on a book is not fair and cripples the review process more than assists. 

In the days of the negative trend where those who wish an author harm are using reviews to hurt sales or the author’s confidence, this policy makes zero sense, as the individuals that are instructed or wish to harm are most likely NOT a fan and or follower and therefore would most likely NOT to have as many cookies, data tracks as a good, loyal fan would. 

We the authors, fans, reviews, bloggers and other individuals in the industry ask that you please consider how the review process is done. By using a reader’s other accessible history to determine if they are worthy of leaving a review by knowledge of an author, is not a fair one. A real fan of any person would, of course, have links to someone they respect and follow and therefore they should have the right to leave a review. 

The review process has taken so much heat in the last few years, and while we appreciate Amazon trying to make it a respected tool for a buyer when deciding a purchase, this aspect of your system is not a fair or just part. 

Therefore, we are asking that you consider all the above and review your internal policy on tracking a reviewers history. It is not fair nor is it just and we the readers, authors and all-around lovers of books ask that it be stopped. 

Thank you. 

If any signers have any additional input/info, I can be found and contacted via my Facebook Page:


Letter to
Change the “You Know This Author” Policy


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    Self-Published Author Challenges Amazon's Review Policy
    Jas Ward, an author who has self-published five books in the Kindle store, is challenging Amazon with a petition after one of her readers was unable to post a review of her book on the site. The petition, which has already garnered more than 11,000 signatures is calling on Amazon to…
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    Featured in the Guardian

    Amazon accused of 'Big Brother' tactics over customer reviews
    If you interact with an author in any way online, beware: Amazon might decide that you’re “friends” and ban you from leaving a review of their latest book.

  4. Wow, what a movement this has become. We are getting notice and that’s incredible. When this petition hits 10K we will call it a success and send it on to Amazon. We are only 2393 supporters away from that goal. Please keep…

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    Wow, it hasn’t even been a day and we already have more than 375 supporters and more than 450 individuals have viewed our petition. Please keep sharing the link and asking others to consider signing. We will get the…

    Jas Ward started this petition



Female veterinarian Frank Lamonte is going through a series of depressing bouts in her life in Stettler, Canada. Martin Cole, her co-worker, fellow veterinarian, and former fiance works at the same clinic and has dumped her to take up with the office secretary. Additionally, her father is recovering from a medical condition in Arizona and was forced to sell the family ranch Frank grew up on.

Following the suggestion of her boss, Dr. Winters, to take a prolonged leave of absence from the clinic, Frank hires on at Belanger Creek Ranch in Saskatchewan under the supervision of Ollie Crampton, a seasoned ranch manager. The ranch is owned by Colt Thompson, an absent owner who is good looking, but who has an irritable disposition at times–having been burned in a prior love relationship. As soon as the main characters meet, the sparks fly and misunderstandings occur.

Gloria Antypowich writes in an engaging clear style and describes both the characters and settings realistically and vividly so that the reader is pulled into the story and plot from the first chapter. This is a charming (contemporary) western romance that’s enjoyable, easy to read, and includes a little spice to make it nice. The added bonus of “Second Time Around,” is that this is the first book in the Belanger Creek Ranch series and there are more stories awaiting the reader.