This year there were only 8 of us –the others were t0o far away or had work commitments. The ones who live around Horsefly live only 20 miles apart, but we are all very busy people and we just never seem to make time to get together. It had been months since we’d all gotten together here.

It had been so long since I had cooked for more than the two of us, that I almost felt intimidated. But supper turned out good, and we all agreed that we needed to do it more often.


nov 27-1

After supper the dishes were stacked on the island and in the sink, and our three granddaughters who live here decorated the tree while the rest of us grabbed a seat and visited and watched them.


nov 27-10

After the tree was done Annie surprised her grandpa with a delicious tuxedo cake for his 78 birthday.  Katie played violin and everyone else sat and enjoyed.

nov 27 -3

nov 27-5 (music)

I love our family tradition! It started when the oldest granddaughter was about 13 years old, and has just grown to include the other two as they became old enough to joy in. It is fun to go back and check out the pictures for each year!