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Some books are wonderfully entertaining reads–other are deep and heart touching. Megan’s Way is that kind of book. It is an emotionally charged story about friendship, love, betrayal, and choices, full of deep relationships and secrets.

Megan Taylor has just found out that the cancer she had battled in the past,has returned. She remembers how devastating the first bout was for her physically and emotionally. Also how painful and frightening it had been for her young daughter who is now 14, and her dear friends; Holly,Jack and Peter, whom she has had a deep connection with for 21 years.

She is a single mother and she suffers silently each day, because she has chosen to keep news of the return of the illness from her daughter Olivia and her close friends. She also conceals the fact that she has made a decision to not proceed with treatment, reasoning that it will be easier on all of them if she goes quickly, without them having to witness a prolonged agonizing death.

Olivia knows her mother is hiding something from her,but she cannot get Megan to admit it. Olivia recognizes the signs and everything tells her that Megan is sick again. Frightened and filled with dread, Olivia just wants to be close to her mother and share every moment with her. But Megan is trying to prepare Olivia for a life without her and she pushes her away. Olivia becomes angry and hurt. She lashes out in ways that she would never have done before.

Megan has another secret. She has never revealed who Olivia’s father was. She has harboured this secret since Olivia’s birth, knowing that if she revealed it, it could cause irreparable damage to the love and relationship that she has with her dear friend Holly and her husband Jack.

But Holly has guarded another secret that could change all their lives if it was revealed; one that involves all of them; one that none of the others even suspect.

This book is so poignant and full of feeling–Megan and Olivia, Holly and Jack and Peter. Multiple triangles,with Olivia being the connecting link for each. The innocence of the child–the deception of the others, each hiding their secrets to protect themselves and each other.

I loved this book and I have ordered it, as well as Come Back To Me (also a Melissa Foster book) for my daughter-in-law for Christmas, who I know will love it. She will share it with many others who will become lifelong fans of Melissa Foster.

From my point of view Melissa Foster has a rare talent and is destined for greatness!

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When you read  Megan’s Way, make sure you have lot’s of undisturbed time because you won’t be able to  put it down….and don’t forget to have a large box of Kleenex within reach.

A toast to you!