on October 25, 2015
“Full Circle” is the second novel in the Belanger Creek Ranch series by Gloria Antypowich. I have not read her firs novel in the series, but with the way that “Full Circle” is presented, it does not build off of the first book because the characters are an entirely new set. I loved this novel, however, so I will be going back and reading the first book in the series. I loved the way that Shauna Lee was presented because she is so strong on the outside, in her community’s eyes, but on the inside, she was breaking in a way that no one could find fathomable. Brad, a new guy in town, actively seeks her company and to bring down the walls that Shauna has build. As he (refuses  to)plays her games of no commitment, he sees that she is not so easy to open up and continues to try and connect to her, even in the wake of her pain.