When I looked through my posts, I realized that a visitor might wonder if I just give every book 4 or 5 stars.  I DO NOT DO THAT!  I read many, many books, and I have a personal policy.

I always read the book, no matter how good or bad I think it is.  I never give bad or derogatory reviews:  no matter what I think of the book, the author has put their time and energy into it…and someone else might like it, so I simply don’t write a review if I don’t like it.

If a book has a lot of positive reviews (over 100) I don’t write a review unless I’m really impressed, because the author is well supported and I feel my time and energy are better spent helping a less known author or book.

I only write reviews for books that I feel I can honestly give 5, 4 or 3 stars.

I just wanted my readers to know that my reviews are written with sincerity and a purpose to give readers my impression of the book.

Enjoy a great read!