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Indie Publishing

Do not be impressed by the enticing packages that several small vanity publishers offer, touting that they are affiliated with well-known companies like Random House or Penguin. Before you make any decisions, go on the internet and check out the many reports of scams that result in financial loss and broken dreams. (ie. )


I have learned this through personal experience. In 2011 and 2012, I self-published two books through two different “vanity” publishers who assured me that my work was mine and that I had full control over everything.

When I decided that I wanted to expand my market, I quickly learned that I did not own the “print ready” files for my books. When I offered to buy them, I was told that I would have to pay a given amount and my contract would be terminated.

That really annoyed me. I had already paid for a cover change and it had taken weeks to go through all the paperwork. Also, I only had ONE opportunity to change the price of my ebooks.  If I lowered them once, that was where the price would stay. 

In the end, I decided to use PDF’s of the final prepublication files that I had sent to the companies and I publish through Smashwords without the print ready files.

My husband has always believed that you have to invest to succeed. He has never shied away from hard work and he was absolutely convinced that writing, publishing and marketing would result in the same success he had achieved in his other business ventures.  

He truly believed that his books were best-seller material, so he published through one of these houses in 2013 and went with high-end packages. After the books were published, he was expecting the company to market for him, but they only offered him many different marketing programs that resulted in money in the company’s pocket and vanishing dreams for him.

To lower his purchase price of one of the five books he had published with this company, he was convinced by a marketing representative to buy 3000 copies of it for a total of $12,000.00 USD (we are Canadian so figure the exchange on the dollar into that too). I listened in on the phone call because I was very unhappy about this contract, and I heard the company representative PROMISE him that real people would take that particular book to bookstores and if they didn’t sell at one place, a real person would take it to other stores until all of the books were sold.

He had 1000 of the books shipped to our home in Canada, and over two years, through dogged determination and hard work, he has sold more than half of them. To date, less than 50 of the 2000 books that went into a company warehouse have been sold. Tonight I checked on Amazon to be certain that I had the correct date of publication, and the book is listed as being out of stock, availability unknown. Yet the company assured him that all sales would be taken out of the big print run which is languishing somewhere.

In March of 2015, I self-published a four book series (The Belanger Creek Ranch Series) through Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace. I am very happy with the quality of the paperback books and when I want to make a change on the cover, or a price change for the ebooks, it’s simple and quick to do.

In 2015, one of my husband’s books, as well as all four of my books in the series received the Readers Favorite 5 star reviews. My husband had to go through the whole procedure and reams of paperwork to add a simple sticker to the cover of his book. It cost $179.00 USD and took almost three months to see it happen.

I contacted the girl who had designed my covers and she placed the seal on each of the four books, as well as a proudly Canadian symbol, for $40.00 in total and the covers were changed through CreateSpace in a couple of days.

There is no magic bullet for authors wanting to publish. My advice is to research thoroughly before you put your work into the hands of any company, no matter what they promise.  When you get to the fine print, their only obligation is to get your book into print. They do not market for you unless you pay them more, so you’d better have deep pockets. Marketing is hard work and ultimately YOU have to do it. You are the one who has invested your heart and soul in your work—and truly, in these situations, you are the only one who really cares if you are successful or not!



Marketing Tip: Include More than Just Your Book in Your Book



Maria Murnane is a paid CreateSpace contributor and the best-selling author of the Waverly Bryson series, Cassidy Lane, Katwalk, and Wait for the Rain. She also provides consulting services on book publishing and marketing. Have questions for Maria? You can find her at

Have you ever finished a great book and thought to yourself, I would love to send a note to the author, only to find yourself at a loss for how to do so? In my opinion, by not including contact information at the end of their books, those authors are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to connect with their readers.

Here are some other things you can include in your books to connect with your readers.

1)   The first chapter of your next book:

2)   A sense of your personality in the acknowledgements:

3)   Your website and/or newsletter information:

To  find out more read Marie’s post in full by clicking on the link below

Marketing Tip: Include More than Just Your Book in Your Book

Ebook Listing and Book Review Websites


Places to Promote Your eBook for Free (Or Low Cost)

Here are several hundred ebook listing sites, Kindle freebie sites, book review sites, author listing sites, a few ebook retail sites, and Facebook ebook groups. Note: Many of these sites also feature printed books, so check them out even if you don’t have an ebook yet.

Some of these sites offer free listings. Others charge a minimal fee for listing. Good hunting! — Features a list of book reviewers. — Features paid listings of free ebook giveaways. — Erotica only. — has more than 150,000 authors and up to 3 Million Social Interactions per day with book readers. You can use to find readers and build your author platform. Submit your book, videos, articles, blog posts and other content and our social engine will promote it FREE to up to 3 million potential readers per day.  You have access to podcasts, webinars and videos on writing and book promotion. — Since 1997, the Book Directory has been helping book lovers discover the best books. We’ve also made book promotion free and easy for all authors and publishers, big and small. Now, we’re kicking book promotion up at least three notches. — They need a little editing on this statement: After obtaining your author details, we will create professional author web page, which show case your author life history, bio, books, quotes, book teasers, promotional video,contact form and your social links. This page works as your persoanl website which will globally available for your fans. How many grammatical and spelling errors do you find in the italicized statement above?’ Favorite provides free book reviews for authors and hosts a respected annual book award contest.

http://www.readfree.lyOur mission is to find the very best books and bring them to you when they’re at their cheapest – or even FREE! — The Red Carpet Broadcast allows writers and authors to get exposure traffic back to their website plus 50% revenue share in exchange for the submission of their original articles. Every article is reviewed for quality control by TRCB professional editors. Alexa: 426,374 — Red Feather Romance delivers recommendations on the hottest erotica and romance reads — books that people may be less comfortable asking a friend or librarian about. — Ripley’s Booklist Young Adult Books — Free ebook listings, author book review exchange, etc.

SmashWords ebook publishing, marketing, and distribution — You can self-publish your ebook for free via SmashWords. Of their 341,000 books published thus far, over 50,000 are offered free.

Smashwords is the world’s largest, and the original, ebook distributor for indie authors. Smashwords was created by an author (Mark Coker) to make it fast, free and easy for any writer, anywhere in the world, to publish an ebook (Click here to read the profile on Smashwords in Forbes Magazine). Our mission is to empower you with professional publishing and distribution tools.

Don’t hassle with direct uploads to retailers. We’ll handle it for you. We help you spend more time writing and less time wasted on everything else. We also help you reach multiple sales outlets that are only accessible via Smashwords.

Within minutes of uploading your book to Smashwords, it’s featured for sale on the home page at the Smashwords store. But the most exciting action is with our retail distribution network, which is where our authors earn over 90% of their sales. Upload your book once to Smashwords and reach multiple global retailers.

From your Smashwords Dashboard, you control all aspects of your publishing. Track daily sales performance across our largest retailers. If you want to run a promotion, simply click to your Smashwords Dashboard and change the price. Smashwords will transmit the change to all the retailers. If you decide to update your cover image, book description or anything else, you do it once at your Dashboard and then Smashwords updates all the retailers.

This centralized publishing and metadata management is a huge time saver for writers. The time-savings and simplicity of working with Smashwords are the primary reasons thousands of professional indie authors choose to consolidate their distribution with Smashwords.

Download Mark Coker’s Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, a free ebook that reveals the 29 best practices of the most commercially successful Smashwords authors. —

Create a Smashwords Interview, a Q&A-style interview of you, the author! —

Attn Publishers: Place your book in our advertorial publication and every month you’ll reach a half-million discerning, book-buying, unique readers.

How it works: Send us your book that you want us to consider for a paid placement. If we like your book, we’ll feature it here. If we don’t, there’s no obligation to pay any fee, and we can try again with another book. No book is too big or small to be considered for The Staff Recommends.

Brainy hardcovers are as welcome as self-published e-books. If you think it’s a good book, we might too. For our current rate card, special placement opportunities, and to submit your book, contact Andrew Womack. books you see on Story Cartel are all offered free by generous authors in exchange for your honest review. For book lovers, Story Cartel is a resource to discover great books and fresh authors; for authors, it’s a platform to build deeper relationships with readers. As long as it meets our guidelines, any author can launch their book on Story Cartel. — Paid book reviews, from $69 to $249. (erotica only) — A top-ranked high-traffic website for reading, writing, and sharing stories. — You can upload a book blurb or chapters from your book. Readers comment on what writers upload. If you were to get high ratings or great comments, some publishers might take notice and offer you a book contract. — Share short stories, poems, and other short works with fellow writers. Other members will review your work or comment on it.

Writers Network is a FREE creative writing community created in 2004 to provide a place for writers and poets to share their writing, get constructive feedback and interact with other writers who share their same passion. If you’re an author looking for a place to share your poems and short-stories as well as read writing from a diverse group of writers, you have come to the right place. — An online resource community for writers that allows you to create a writer profile, share your work, engage in writing contests, and more. Over 1 million member writers.


Facebook Pages and Groups Featuring Ebook Freebies

Facebook Marketing for Book Authors — Free Short Reads (ask for reviews, no promos) — Kindle Unlimited

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About John Kremer

John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationship Matters Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. — .





I am sharing this great post from

C.S. Lakin is an accomplished Author/Editor, who has written several books about writing. Last fall I bought Say What? and I  have found it to be a valuable resource. (It has a bit of humor woven into the serious business too!)



Take the pain out of learning good grammar! With short, sometimes snarky entries, Say What? provides answers to your most common questions at your fingertips.

Buy Say What? here on Amazon.



5 Tірѕ for Mаkіng Wrіtіng a Dаіlу Hаbіt



What does it tаkе tо bесоmе a wrіtеr? Dо уоu еаrn the tіtlе of аuthоr thе mоmеnt your wrіtіng is published оr thе mоmеnt ѕоmеbоdу рауѕ you fоr іt? Of course nоt! Yоu become a writer whеn wrіtіng becomes part оf уоur dаіlу routine.

Yоu bесоmе a writer when you wrіtе аѕ іf іt іѕ a jоb аnd nоt ѕіmрlу аn асtіvіtу in which уоu іndulgе whеn іnѕріrаtіоn and ѕраrе tіmе mаkе it convenient to do ѕо. Unfоrtunаtеlу, trаnѕіtіоnіng frоm a реrѕоn whо wrіtеѕ to a wrіtеr (more…)

The Results Are In: 2015 Reader Survey

With nearly 6,000 respondents–twice as many as in 2013–readers have let us know their thoughts on a wide range of topics. We discovered that ebooks are still hot, Amazon and iBooks are growing, Nook is down a little, most readers aren’t jumping to join subscriber services and Facebook remains the primary way that readers connect with their favorite authors.

Click here to read an executive summary of the results.

Click here to view the summary in table format.

Click here to review the raw data.


I’m excited about the launch of ePrintedBooks Store and Mall. Authors can register their books at this store and take advantage of a GREAT deal – no waiting for your payments. Immediately you receive 80% via PayPal. Readers can buy the listed books (most of them at a discount during the launch.) and download the ebook format of their choice. Check it out at

Steve Caresser from ePrintedBooks will be doing a live interview with author, Robert Hatting, on the radio in London, England on August 12th at 12:00 PM UK time. Don’t know if it will come in for you, but this is the station  Hatting has multiple listings at the store including Partners, Alaska be Damned, Revolution of Fools, Murder in Panama, Halfbreed, Expat, Crystal Cowboy  and Boomer.

ePrintedBooks offers several other services too. They offer website services, editing services, cover design and very professional ebook formatting. I personally have used ePrintedBooks services for cover design and ebook formatting and advertizing with both of my books. They deliver a very professional product at a very reasonable price—and as far as I am concerned you always get more for your money than you might expect. Check them out at

Check out my books on

HEARTS AT RISK       Sample to read:Hearts-At-Risk-Sampler-New

YOU CAN RUN   Sample to read:You-Can-Run-Sampler

I have been beating the computer keyboard hour after hour for the past four months! It feels wonderful to have writen “The End”.

The relationship of Colt and Frankie from Hearts At Risk deepens in this book, but Shauna Lee Holt and Brad Johnson take front stage as the main characters.

Shauna Lee Holt hides behind the barricade that she has erected around herself over the past 20 years. Intimacy is something she has refused to allow into her world. Her attitude has been nothing serious, no strings attached, and no risks.

Along comes Brad Johnson who would ordinarily run a country mile from the woman she appears to be. He finds himself attracted to her in spite of the messages that she sends out, but he wants intimacy and a long lasting commitment.

He refuses to play her shallow game. He believes a loving person hides behind her facade. Can he free her from a past that still holds her captive and help her believe it too?


“I’m looking for a warm safe place
To feel your hand on my face
Let the past roll off of my back
Baby let’s not talk about that
I just wanna make it through the night
Lock the door and hide away
I’m looking for a warm safe place.”

One day when my husband and I were travelling last fall, I caught the words of a song by Aaron Prichette called “A Safe Warm Place.” I instantly felt that it was Shauna Lee’s song; her story.

It still is her story, but when I went through the book making my final edits I realized that this work of fiction is also about other characters in it getting “A Second Chance” in life.

Now I am indecisive about the title I should use for this book. Decisions, Decisions! I think I will ask some of my friends!

Hearts at Risk book signing this Friday


Gloria Antypowich with her book at a craft fair held at the Elks Hall last fall.

Gaeil Farrar photo
Published: February 09, 2012 7:00 AM

Horsefly resident Gloria Antypowich will sign copies of her first book Hearts at Risk this Friday, Feb. 10 at Save-On Foods from 1 to 4 p.m.

Although she has been involved in farming and ranching most of her life, Gloria says her cowboy romance novel is in no way a reflection of her own life experiences. “It’s not my story, its totally fiction,” Gloria says.

In this romantic novel veterinarian Franke Lamonte flees her shattered life as a veterinarian in Alberta and finds the solitude she needs to heal in the anonymity of working as a ranch hand in the Cypress Hills of Southern Saskatchewan.

All is going well until Colt Thompson roars onto the scene and the sparks fly from every direction.

Gloria says she self- published the book last year and is very happy to have already recouped her investment.

“Just today I met two people who said they read my book and just loved it,” Antypowich says. “That’s music to a writer’s ears.”

Gloria grew up on a farm in Alberta and set the story in the Saskatchewan’s Cypress Hills because they have always fascinated her.

Gloria says she didn’t draft out a story line for the book, just let it evolve. “Sometimes the story takes over, the people become real and the story just grows,” Gloria says.

For a number of years Gloria and her husband Lloyd farmed near Stettler, Alberta but in 1970 they moved to Elkford because she was asthmatic and needed the fresh mountain air. Lloyd worked at the nearby coal mine, but Lloyd always missed farming.

In 1973 they moved to Horsefly where they raised their four children and are now retired with six grandchildren. Their granddaughter Jennifer Jackson and her fiance Tyler Maitland are featured on the cover of the book.

“My husband was a farmer at heart so as soon as he figured I could handle it we were out of there,” Gloria says of their Elkford days.

Four years ago the couple sold most of their ranch and retired to the 100 acres they kept for their own use. Their daughter Cindy and her husband Gary Isaac built a house on the property which includes a bright daylight suite for the retirees on the ground floor.

“Its been a fabulous arrangement,” Gloria says. They can help with their grandchildren, and both families can take holidays knowing someone is home to take care of the house and animals.

Gloria says she started writing 20 years ago but it wasn’t until she retired and had more time that she started writing seriously. A writer friend had successfully self-published her book and encouraged her to do the same, so she decided to go for it.

With the success of Hearts at Risk Gloria is working on a sequel which she hopes to finish by spring so that she and Lloyd can spend time camping and fishing on Quesnel Lake next summer.

This is a great book. I read it in a few hours. Actually I started it on

a Sunday, towards evening, and then went to bed at 10 pm. I could not

go to sleep because I wanted to finish the book, so I got up and did it.

This book is very close to real life. I am sure every woman can

see herself in some sections of the story. I know I did. It is easy to

read and almost didn`t feel like fiction at all. I just loved it!

S. Laffer; meat cutter and school bus driver and avid reader


“. . . it is hard to imagine this novel is this authors first. This story

is written from the heart, about a heart. This book has adventure,

mystique and an incredible grass roots sensuality. Frankie Lamont

is a very classy, “hot blooded”, vibrant young woman—who can not

hide from the passion of love, even though that is what she thinks

she wants. The author takes the reader along with this reluctant, but fiery

woman, on a journey to a wonderful ending with some tantalizing

sensuality along the way. This is a romance novel that makes the

reader know they cannot wait to read more . . . what other sensuous

scenes and interesting adventures are coming next . . . ?”

Doug Richardson. Consultant, and an avid reader. Doug is

also involved with a small publishing company that is currently

working on a magazine from Paris, France, as well as other smaller

publishing projects.