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Okay story, slow read, November 1, 2015
This review is from: Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) by Gloria Antypowich follows Shauna Lee as she attempts to deal with the pain in her life and find love at the same time. Shauan suffered terribly in the past. Her younger brother was killed in a farm accident, her father abandoned them, her mother passed, and later in life when Shauna thought she had found love, the man turned out to be something completely different from the loving person she thought he was when their son, a boy suffering from a physical deformation, was born. Alone in life, Shuna has started using her beauty to lure men in to give her something that could pass for love, but really isn’t. Almost endlessly, she pours meaningless physical relationships into the black depths of her heart in hopes that one day it will fill and drive out the pain she feels every day of her life. Every day that is until Brad shows up.
Full Circle is well written and has very well developed characters. I found it easy to read and was able to get a strong feeling for each character presented. A drawback for me as I was reading is that you need to have read the first book before this one: there is a lot of back story with these characters and some that seem like they are main characters are not because their story was already told in the previous book. The story also moved very slowly from the beginning. While it was easy to read, I felt it dragged at times and could have moved at a much steadier clip.
on October 31, 2015
Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) by Gloria Antypowich
In this second book of The Belanger Creek Ranch series, we join with many of the characters from the first book, The Second Time Around, but we get to meet new and exciting friends, and have another intriguing adventure, and romance, in Full Circle. Author Gloria Antypowich has once again created an indisputably enjoyable story for readers. Just like the first book, this one offers an exhilarating and believable storyline, with powerful and distinctively created characters, enticing details, and just the right nuances of romance, mystery, drama, humor, and anticipation. The book starts off a tiny bit slow, but the pace picks up in a gradual manner that makes the plot even more genuine and credible, and is quite effective in making you feel a part of the story, which will keep you completely engaged through the rest of the pages.
on October 29, 2015
Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) by Gloria Antypowich was a book referred to me by a friend. I was a little hesitant because it was the second in the series, but it didn’t matter. It can be read as a standalone.

The story is about Shauna Lee who runs a bookkeeping and accounting service in her Canadian town. She is well known in her community as a savvy business woman. Shauna Lee on the outside is well put together and appears to be successful and thriving. But you know the saying behind closed doors. She soon meets Brad who is smitten with Shauna but wants nothing to do with her nsa type relationships. He still falls for her anyway but realizes he may not get what he want because of her past. Shauna Lee is the way she is for a reason.

Without giving any more away. It was a good read. It is more than just a romance there is a lot of drama and emotions throughout. I will be reading book one at some point.

on October 27, 2015
For me this is a different kind of read, but I’m pleased to say it was well worth my while. It reminded me of those engrossing prime time television dramas like Dallas and Dynasty. Those shows were effective because one could not but become vested in the lives of the characters. Similarly, Full Circle was equally compelling, but with one important difference; unlike those TV shows where the main characters are sleazy and cruel, corrupt and overblown caricatures, the humans that populate Belanger Creek Ranch are exactly that…human. Though some characters are flawed, it is the stuff of real life rather than the excesses of a Hollywood-like imagination. Refreshingly, the men are surprisingly gallant and perceptive (for me, a breakthrough from the traditional narrative of men being nothing more than beer-swigging oafs) and the women are admirable as they confront the unkind demons life sometimes offers. The detailed telling of these fictional lives was so persuasive I felt as if I had really got to know them by the book’s end. I’m now looking forward to reading the next chapter….
on October 26, 2015
I am a middle aged woman. I grew up in the time where men where supposed to be classy and not trashy. Full Circle provided me with just the right romance that I wanted. While I know southern men are raised to be a gentlemen, it was nice to finally read that in a book! I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange of my review, but all of my opinions that are listed in this review are mine and mine alone. I do not know what contemporary romance is, but I really did enjoy this novel. I enjoyed the simplicity to the relationship. I also enjoyed the passion between the two characters, while it was not heated passion. Full Circle did also not teach the issue of allowing a relationship to suck up your entire life. This book was more about balancing your emotions and your relationship along with your life. I believe that this was the most realistic romance book that I have ever read.
on October 25, 2015
“Full Circle” is the second novel in the Belanger Creek Ranch series by Gloria Antypowich. I have not read her firs novel in the series, but with the way that “Full Circle” is presented, it does not build off of the first book because the characters are an entirely new set. I loved this novel, however, so I will be going back and reading the first book in the series. I loved the way that Shauna Lee was presented because she is so strong on the outside, in her community’s eyes, but on the inside, she was breaking in a way that no one could find fathomable. Brad, a new guy in town, actively seeks her company and to bring down the walls that Shauna has build. As he (refuses  to)plays her games of no commitment, he sees that she is not so easy to open up and continues to try and connect to her, even in the wake of her pain.
on October 22, 2015
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. All reviews are mine and mine alone and they are comprised of my honest opinions. My mother and I are reading the same books in order to form a bonding experience. This is my review; Full Circle was well-wroth a four star review, as it was okay. I did not want to jump for joy after finishing the book. It was not spell binding. I thought that Gloria Antypowich did a pretty amazing job of incorporating everyday situations into a novel to make it look and feel like this book was more realistic. I did not hate this book, do not get me wrong. I feel like there were certain situations in this book where the personalities of the characters were weak. However, I feel like in other situations, I feel like the personalities of other characters were strong and more life like.


Lets go back to the ranch, this is Shauna Lee’s story  and Brad’s story . Shauna Lee has been through hell and back and at eighteen she has recreated herself and became a success , but she isn’t the marrying type until Brad Johnson walked into her life . Now will she realize that she is the woman he wants and will she find her true self in time to realize that they can have it all.
   I was so excited to see that book two started right where book one ended. Gloria has entwined the characters from book one in with Shauna Lee’s story. The story is very poignant and actually heart breaking . The author weaves such a masterful tale and add so much more depth to the characters . We see them at work, play and more real life situations. We see them falling in love and suffering heart break. To see them come out the other side happier and healthier
    I am in love with these characters . Each book I read I fall more in love with them . They remind me of people in the community. They are so well written and complex .  Shauna Lee is the type of woman that other women don’t like and men flock around . She is a career woman who loves to have fun but as we read we find out that there is so much more to Shauna Lee then meets the eye. We find out that there is some hidden dark secrets and hurts that she is hiding . As you read you will see Shauna Lee change and become the woman she was meant to be. She is a very strong but vulnerable character . One moment you want to shake her and yell at her to get her life together and the next moment you are crying with her and wrapping her up in a hug .

When you meet Brad you will want to be with him , he is yummy to the core, but he is also the type of guy you don’t want to play with. He is a gentleman but also doesn’t play games . He knows what he wants and will go after it . He isn’t into one night stands, he is the guy you want to take home to the parents . He is also very protective and wants to be everything to that one woman. He could make you go weak in the knees with just one smile. Oh and ladies when he is wanting you , he doesn’t take no for an answer.

The rest of the gang are also here , Frank , Colt , the twins Ollie and Ellie . You see a romance blossoming between those two as the story rolls along too. Gloria did a great job in bringing back all the characters and letting their stories be told as a compliment to Shauna Lee’s story.
    Like I said in my review of book one , I have fallen in love with these books and am so happy that they are taking place in the same province where I live . It is great to read about places I have visited and know. The author takes us on such a journey with some great twists and turns . I love how she talks about depression and how they deal . Also how she handled the fears of Shauna Lee and how she closed herself off . These are great books that are based in Saskatchewan and they are written with care and love.

   Gloria is one of my favorite authors, I can’t wait to read more about the ranch and what is going on . So if you want a story that has such well developed characters and real life situations, heart aches and triumphs, this is the series for you.  You can read FULL CIRCLE  as a stand alone but I suggest that you read SECOND CHANCE  and then FULL CIRCLE .You won’t be disappointed .  

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Refreshing romance where men are real gentlemen
By Cold Coffee Press on August 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
Full Circle by Gloria Antypowich is book two of The Belanger Creek Ranch Series. I was delighted to discover that book two continues where book one (The Second Time Around) left off. Book two adds more well defined characters that not only tie both books together, but move ahead with real life situations that involve work, play, past, present, family, friendship, love, hate, romance and genuine passion for life and fulfilling relationships.

Once again Author Gloria Antypowich masterfully brings her own life experiences into her creative writing process to draw her readers into the story line tugging at their heart and mind revealing their own memories whether good or bad. I find that these first two books, especially Full Circle has a short dedication that played over and over in my mind while I lived vicariously through her characters.

In my reviews I always quote at least one passage to show the writer’s style and intent I am very careful not to spoil the story for you the reader. I quote from page 154 (in my copy) as Shauna Lee and Brad enjoy a leisurely horseback ride.

They took the horses out through the gate at the back of the horse pasture and followed the trail to the gently rolling fields. They rode in companionable silence, enjoying the crisp, fresh air and the serenity of being away from everything else.
Shauna Lee sat astride her horse and threw her arms wide open, embracing the world. “I love this: total solitude, no sounds of traffic, no telephones, and no computers!” She turned to smile at him, happiness overflowing.
“I know what you mean. I get that same feeling when I go hunting in the mountains. Dad and I ride way off the beaten track. You feel like no else has ever been there. The mountains are so majestic, the air so clean and the scenery so spectacular. It’s like being transported into a totally different world. For two weeks, we become different people. I always think we become the people we really are meant to be. Life is simple, with no outside pressures. It recharges my batteries. One day I’d like to take you with me.”
Shauna Lee shook her head. “I couldn’t go hunting.”
Brad looked out over the fields. “Shauna, man has been a hunter for centuries. Dad and I always use the meat we take. How can I explain it to you? For us, it’s almost a spiritual thing; being so close to nature, to the creator.”

Come experience life, love, sorrow, forgiveness and a genuine hero spirit. Experience romance where men are real men and even the most liberal women have to stop to appreciate this lost art of gentlemanly behavior. After coming Full Circle move into The Hand of Fate, book three of the Belanger Creek Ranch Series.

Cold Coffee Press Endorses Full Circle (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) by Gloria Antypowich as a Contemporary Adult Romance inspired by her husband (they are both retired) who is the love of her life. This book was reviewed from a Kindle/PDF version. The review was completed on August 22, 2015. For more information please visit Cold Coffee Press.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Contemporary Drama and Romance, August 2, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
One of the reasons I read is to travel, and another is to encounter events beyond my daily routine. In Full Circle, I was alternately shocked, surprised, upset, and cheerful. I also travelled to Canada and found out what life on a ranch is like! So it was a satisfying read. I especially enjoyed the dialogues and the descriptive scenes which transported me to another continent.
The four main characters are very well developed, which made me care about what will happen to them, and plenty of things happen! I read about many life changing and dramatic events in their lives, such as loss of parents and children, neglect, fear of commitment, divorce, betrayal, marriage, pregnancy, falling in and out of love, depression, as well as disturbing events such as child murder.
It is a romance, so it is not a spoiler to say that there is an optimistic ending. However, it is not an ordinary or simple romance, the story gradually unwinds and becomes more complex as the plot grows and the characters develop.
At the start of the novel Shauna Lee Holt is a successful accountant with her own business in a Canadian town, who promiscuously enjoys the company of men. We will learn that there is more to Shauna Lee than lust when Brad appears in her life, like a catalyst, and turns her world upside down, as he discovers (with the reader) the traumatic secrets of her past.
Brad is generous and supportive and helps her discover the healing power of love, instead of (or as well as) lust, and helps her face the truth and discover who she is and what she wants to make of her life.
Although Full Circle is part of a series, this is a stand-alone book. I have not read book one, The Second Time Around, but now I’m curious to find out more of the backstory of the lives of Colt and Frank Thompson, the happy couple who seem to have everything, but are also struck by dramatic events in Full Circle.
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