A Scandalous Husband was the first book of Bev Pettersen’s that I read, and I went back and read almost all of her work now. So when A MILLIONAIRE’S SHOT came out I quickly got it.

I totally enjoyed it! Alex Sutherland is a father who has sacrificed everything to protect his daughter—even gave up the woman he has loved…and more!

Cassie Edwards ran away when Alex married Rachel, who had manipulated him into getting her pregnant. But when her ailing grandfather needs her help, she cannot stay away.

Both Alex and Cassie believe they have gotten passed those feelings. But as the plot unfolds we learn that many things are not what they seem to be.

One thing I always enjoy about Pettersen’s writing is her authenticity when it comes to writing about horses in any setting. Her ability to create tension, life-like characters and description also pulls me in.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and highly recommend it.

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