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I have to be honest–if I had seen BRAINRUSH on the self in the store I would not have bought it–wouldn’t have thought it was my kind of book.HOW WRONG I WOULD HAVE BEEN!

This book held my attention from the very beginning, right through to the end. It was filled with twists and turns, and the pace was fast and furious. It included medical science, scifi, military action, international intrigue, terrorism , family loyalties, deep friendship, betrayal,  and a touch of romance

Former combat pilot, Jake Bronson, has been diagnosed with cancer and he does not have long to live. An earthquake happens while he is having an MRI, and things go terribly wrong. Luckily he doesn’t die before they get him out of the machine, but he soon discovers that something very unusual has happened in his brain and he has been left with unimaginable cognitive powers.

At first he wants to keep quiet about it, but he can’t control his impulse to show off just a little bit. The media gets wind of it, and like all things sensational the news goes viral.

A “mad scientist” in Italy has been working underground, surgically experimenting on the brains of savant children, in an effort to implant an impulse that will turn them into Jihadist terrorists. The plan is to use them to wreak havoc on the world. He sacrifices lives on a regular basis without hesitation in his medical research.

When Jake’s abilities are brought to his attention, he decides he has to have access to his incredible brain. He has Jake kidnapped by his henchmen, who make it look like he has died in a fire so no one will look for him.  His friends do not accept that he has died and they set out in search of him.

This story travels from California to Venice, Monte Carlo, and Afghanistan. It starts with a bang and ends with one. I loved it–I read until 2 in the morning, when I finally just had to give up and finish it the next day! I will read it again–something I seldom do. I can hardly wait for the next book–and the next. I’m hooked!

 Brainrush (Book Two) is due to be release this month.  Look for it.  I certainly am!

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Expect a wild ride when you read Brainrush.

You may need a drink! Here’s a toast to you