Texas Twilight (McCutcheon Family Series) Caroline Fyffe wove John Jake McCutcheon and Lily Anthony, and spunky Tante Harriet Schmidt into a tantalizing story–and when you throw in all the other characters it was a great read. From the beginning itdrew me in, with its western frontier location, colorful characters, and tender love story. There was emotional intensity, with incredible subtlety; Caroline leaves room for the readers imagination to fill in some of the details, which creates reader involvement as the story line develops. Of course there were bad guys that added to the excitement!  A good western couldn’t be without them!!  And wonderful daring heroes, and heart stealing damsels, that you had to root for, even as you shook your head!  I loved them all. Texas Twilight is the second of a series, that I will eventually read all of, but stands alone wonderfully. It was a great read and  I recommend it to everyone. Also look for Montana Dawn (McCutcheon Family Series)  and Where the Wind Blows (McCutcheon Family Series) by Caroline Fyffe.  Look up Carolyn at Load up your shotgun, curl up on your seat in the sage coach and venture into the Wild West with one of Caroline Fyffe’s books as the team of horses takes you along the dusty trail!

Here’s my toast to you!

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