Second Chance at the Sugar Shack: A Sugar Shack Novel A witty, sexy small town romance: Candis Terry has created wonderful, believable characters in this story set in  Deer Lick Montana, a small town in rural America. I thoroughly enjoyed this book–a wonderful story of a spunky heroine, a hunky hero, abandoned love and second chances. Kate Silverthorne had left home 10 years ago, without telling anyone she was going.  She left to follow her dream of making her mark in high fashion; a dream her mother did not approve of and never accepted, even as Kate became well known in the dog-eat- dog world of Hollywood. Hurt and resentful, Kate vowed to never return. Matt Ryan is a sexy,hunky hero, who has changed from the warm-hearted young boy she had once known, into a devastatingly handsome, mature man with blue eyes as cold as an iceburg and an anger and disdainful attitude toward her that can’t be ignored. Kate’s mother has died, and she returns to Deer Lick because she has too–but not for long. Maximum of two days. However her two siblings have commitments that can’t be put aside. They band together and impress upon Katie how much her father needs help at the family bakery, and since neither one of them can stay, she must. It’s the last thing she wants to do. She has a career that she loves and can’t afford to take time away from if she is to maintain her presence.  Also, Deer Lick is a small town and people have not forgotten or forgiven her for running off the way she did.  But in her heart she knows she can’t just bale on her dad and leave him on his own.  She decides to stay until she can find someone to help him–but not a minute longer. And then there is her mother-who appears periodically in a paranormal element,in the backseat of the old  car she drives, when Tom Jones starts signing on the car radio. She is trying to reach out to Kate, to mend the rift between them, but also convince her that her destiny is not in the world of fashion in Hollywood, but in her hometown. I chuckled at the mention of huckleberry wine(it really is a favorite of mine!) and Moose Drool (UGH–oh yes I`ve tasted it). I liked the way that Kate and Matt interacted and how the story unfolded. The romance sizzles, and the story left me with that great feeling of a fun read. It felt so comfortable, so down home! I highly recommend Second Chance at the Sugar Shack if you like humorous, sexy, contemporary romances! I`ll definitely check out the story of Kates brother, Dean–Any Given Christmas-A Sugar Shack Novel.-I’ts on my to read list! Look up Candis Terry at Here’s a toast to curling up with a romance and a glass of wine!