The Second Time Around, Book One of The Belanger Creek Ranch Series tells a truly Canadian story about ranching, cattle, romance, tough choices and taking chances. The characters that come to life on the pages are people that you feel like you know from somewhere–or wish you did. Readers meet a blunt, hardboiled, loyal ranch foreman, a young hardscrabble ranch owner and a ranch hand with a mysterious past and chip on her shoulder. Gloria writes of the challenge and satisfaction of ranch life: shades of a simpler time when physical survival and respect for nature melded with traditional family values. She balances this with imperfect and sometimes frustrating characters, at least one jolting plot turn and some delightful dust-ups. There is thunder, lightning, steam, flash floods and barometric build-ups–and not just in the weather. Gloria describes passion, fear,hope,desperation,heartbreak and faith in a book that reads like it tumbles off the page of a diary. It feels personal: unadorned, unpretentious and genuine.

LeRae Haynes.