whats-a-pictuure-worthstars-5-0._V192240867_ (1)I bought this book because I noticed that Laura Wright LaRoche was a co-author, and a couple of years ago I had read and reviewed two books written by her.  Those books involved mushroom hunters also, and I enjoyed them immensely.

“What’s a Picture Worth?” did not disappoint me! This book is a quick and fun read. Two people from completely different backgrounds meet in the mushroom patch. Cassie is an eye-catching biology-chemistry teacher, from Indianapolis. She has just been dumped by her handsome, wealthy boyfriend and is heading back to her hometown, Linton, Indiana, to pick mushrooms and try to find some peace of mind.

Remington Reynolds is a struggling photographer, who has taken a job photographing mushrooms during mushroom season. He’s deathly allergic to mushrooms, but he accepted the assignment because he desperately needs the money to pay his vengeful ex the child support payment that is due. He’s handsome—Cassie is beautiful—and sparks immediately strike, igniting a wild, sexual liaison that lasted the weekend.

Cassie is very photogenic and he takes many pictures of her in the mushroom patch. He gets a few unexpected ones when they accidently kick over his camera and it automatically continues to snap away. Through a comedy of errors, he misplaces his camera. When it ends up in his young son’s backpack, he asks his wife to email the folder to him—which she does, after exacting a price from him.

Later, her curiosity nudges her to look at the pictures and when she finds the highly incriminating ones, she posts them and they go viral. At first, he is stunned, but then he realizes that he too can cash in on the financial avalanche. Cassie becomes the victim of their unscrupulous activities until she decides to get her revenge.

What a dance they play out, as they find out “What’s A Picture Worth!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I found myself chuckling a lot while I read it.

In a world where there is so much anxiety, anger, and stress—this is a wonderful escape into a bit of levity!!

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