Build in your mind the Trinity of you: the person you were, the person you are and the person you want to be.” We are each responsible for our own self-mastery. There are no unattainable goals.


 Because of the title, “On Virtue,” I expected this to be a “religious book,” but it isn’t. Spirituality is an inherent part of who we are as human beings, therefore it is part of becoming the best we can be, but primarily this book is a beautiful, thought provoking, instructive missive of hope and encouragement for any individual to build the life they really desire for themselves.

I read on an older Kindle and while I’m reading I make notes and remarks to myself throughout the book. I really appreciate that feature and when I sat down to write this review I discovered that I had marked 63 spots that had resonated with me. When I clicked through my notes, I was struck again by the depth of meaning to be found in this short read. I think I could (and will) read this book several times to get the full depth of it.

I highly recommend this to anyone. You may be as pleasantly impressed as I am. You may find the way to create the life you really want.

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