“A Father’s Prayer” by Linda Wood Rondeau was an excellent read.  I often read to learn, as well as for enjoyment and this book satisfied both interests. I bought “A Fathers Prayer” after I read the authors bio and the summary of the book.  I wanted to see how the writer handled the challenge of being a sole care giver to an autistic child in a story.

The book delivered far more than I had expected. It is well written, the characters felt real to me, and I related to the challenges Alexis Jennings faced while loving and caring for her adopted autistic brother, Gib Jennings. I felt that the book also gave a realistic look into the world of a twelve year old child with a form of autism, and I really appreciated that.

Ethan Jacobs had problems of his own. Fame and success had only deepened his addiction to alcohol. It took learning that he had a son to make him change his life and overcome his weakness. But can he actually step in and be a father to a child whose world is not like that of other children, a child who has never met him and a child who is still reeling from the death of his adoptive parents?

This is an inspirational Christian book, but the faith and belief of both Alexis Jennings and Ethan Jacobs is not a “preach”—rather it is woven seamlessly into the fabric of both characters who are well rounded and richly portrayed.

This is a short novella—I read it in a couple of hours.  Perfect for an afternoon escape or those who like to read in one sitting.  To be honest, I would love to have read a longer format. There was a great opportunity in this story to give the characters relationship time to develop and grow and that is why I am giving this novella four stars.

Still I would recommend this book to anyone.

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