kerrris-war-by-stephen-douglassstars-5-0._V192240867_ (1)Kerri’s War is the third book in the King Trilogy and another Stephen Douglass masterpiece!- I didn’t want this Trilogy to end.

Kerri Pyper  is now the President and CEO of Iacardi and Sons. Due to her natural keenness and instinct for the trading in the commodity markets, she has become a legend on Wall Street.

Kerri’s War begins when the terrorist attack on September 11, 2011, hits the World Trade Center in New York, hitting the South Tower, in the spot where Iacardi and Sons New York offices are. The attack decimates the New York headquarters, killing 338 of the 342 employees. Only four survived. Three of them were in London at the time. Peter Tavaris, Iacardi’s most senior trader, Walter Deaks, and Billie Dukes, watched the event unfold on CNN from their hotel room in London.  Kerri Pryor was at home, in bed with a virus. She also watched, in shock as she realized that all of those people who she had known and cared about were gone—their families left behind, with a dismal future. She also realized the impact the loss of the offices would have on the company.

Karri’s main concern is the plight of her employees’ family members. She desperately wants to give them financial security, to help ease their loss. She decides that she wants to rebuild the company as quickly as possible, and she begins that task immediately.

She also decides to divide the tainted money in the King’s Trust, into equal amounts and anonymously give it to each family affected. It would give them each a considerable amount, and it would disburse the ill-gotten money that had brought nothing but grief to her family. This generosity brings many complications into her life when the Feds find out about it.

When Ken Layton, president of Enerco, a gigantic energy trading company with headquarters in Houston, calls Peter Travis and says that he wants to buy Iacardi and Sons, promising to make him President, Travis is elated. He hates Kerri Pryor. He firmly believes that he should have been given the position as President and CEO at Iacardi, but he had been overlooked once again. This was a way to oust Kerri as President, and become wealthy with the shares that he would have in Enerco. He vows to make the deal happen, even though he knows Kerri will not be receptive to it.

While Kerri fights to rebuild Iacardi, Peter Travis, and Ken Layton wage war against her. Underhanded tricks, murder, treachery, and betrayal frighten her, but Kerri is strong and determined. Even when she seems to be beaten, she does not bow.

Can Kerri reclaim her place in the Corporate world? Will she ever find love? Does she want either one?

Do not miss this stunning finale!