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Friday Nights Don’t Last Forever focuses on three teenagers who have played high school football in Avlon, Alabama- a small town in the USA.

The main character, Casey Clinton, has become Avlon’s “golden boy,” because of the notoriety he has gained as a Quarterback who has a fantastic ability to throw the ball. Lucas Calhoun, his wide receiver, is fleet-footed and sure-handed. Butcher Doran played centre. When their team goes to the state championship, Casey is full of confidence, certain that he will take the team to a win…and the whole town is behind him, believing he will.

But the unthinkable happens and what would have been his winning throw is short. Avlon loses the game. Casey Clinton is devastated. He feels he has let everyone down—his parents, his coach, his teammates and the town. People try to console him, but he can’t let it go. Casey isn’t the only casualty. Lucas Calhoun also realises that with that loss, his hope of getting into college football is pretty much gone and he has a hard time forgiving him.

Because of his reputation, Casey is still pursued by college football recruiters. The offers come laced with all kinds of perks—scholarships, fancy cars, beautiful women. There are too many choices, too many things to consider, and they constantly hound him until he doesn’t want to answer the phone anymore. They come to the isolated little town—big name recruiters from big name colleges. They use every leverage they can —flattering his skill, his high school coach, his parents, his girlfriend—in an effort to get him to sign with them.
The glory days of high school football are gone—now it is a ruthless business. Chase finds himself in a world of corruption that he has never known, one where no matter how big you are, you can be discarded.

For me, this book is far deeper than the story of three high school football players. I seen it as a realistic portrayal of what can happen when an individual is put up on a pedestal—in a family, in a small town or in national or international situations. Unexpected events can send them into a downward spiral, sending their world of high expectations crumbling around them. When you’ve been at the top, the fall to the bottom is tough.

I am not an avid football fan, and I live in Canada, so I found the colloquial speak of the characters and the south entertaining. I read when I go to bed at night, and I elbowed my husband several times and read passages to him. I usually prefer books that have a happy ending, not necessarily a realistic one.

That being said, I loved this book and the author’s writing style. I highly recommend it.

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