This book captured me from beginning to end. David Drake and Vicki (Vitoria) Benvinuti were star crossed lovers in high school and after graduation, their relationship did not survive David’s  service in Vietnam.

Years later, they meet again and fan the flame of love that still smoulders between them. Now they are both successful people in the world of business.  When David starts buying up shares in her family’s business, Vicki is convinced he is trying to make a hostile takeover.  His apparent betrayal quickly turns the flicker of love into a raging fire of anger and she fights him with everything she has, vowing she will let no one strip her family of their hard earned holdings. David knows what he needs to accomplish and he will do what ever it takes to achieve it.   In the boardroom he is cunning, ruthless and determined.  In his heart he holds a loyalty to a man who befriended him years ago.  He has given his word, and he will not betray it, even to salvage his relationship with Vicki.

Martin’s descriptive writing is masterful and compelling. The plot is cleverly woven, taking you from farm fields and vineyards in Poke Valley, California, into the offices of big business in cities of America; from the fear and desolation of a young man on the battlefield in Vietnam, back to the US, on the platform of an oil rig  that is eating up millions of dollars he can’t afford to lose as it drills a dry hole. It is filled with action, intrigue, loyalty, love, revenge, mystery and suspense. The characters were well rounded; flawed but believable, and I related to them completely.  I fell in love with David Drake.

I read a lot, and I read many different genres. I have to say, it has been a long time since I have read a book that had so much depth to it; one that I know I will read again and as an author myself, thought “this is a book I would be proud to have written.”

In the past few months I have read several of L.J. Martins books and I have become a fan. I am so impressed with his ability to write to so many different genres and do it so well.

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