I really enjoyed this book. The characters were relatable and well developed and the plot had plenty of twists and turns to hold my attention, bringing me back to read on my Kindle each night when I went to bed, until I finally finished it. The book is set in the late 1860’s and I liked that the author wove the customs of the time into the story.


Abigail and Maria O’Donnell are sisters who find themselves in desperate circumstances when their father dies in Utah, leaving then in unexpected financial ruin. Finding themselves destitute, they decide to go to the Colorado Territory where their only living relative resides.


It is 1875 and most women are protected from the crasser unpleasantries of the world, but now they have to face life on their own. The sisters are very different in character. In the beginning, one is shy and fearful of the new world they face. The other is a strong woman, who focuses only on what must be done, and negotiates however she must to get them money to travel to Colorado. A few of the choices she makes are downright dangerous, but she does what she feels she has too.


That is how they meet Tye (Tydall) Ashmore, who is willing to take her up on an offer that everyone else has turned down because he has an agenda of his own. Later, he realizes that he has taken on more than he could possibly have imagined and as a consequence, his real agenda might cost all of them their lives.


Tye is actually a rancher. He also speaks many native Indian languages and is often sought out to help the US Army or settlers pass through Indian Territory. He is a kind, honest man and loyal friend and he finds himself in the situation he is in when he first meets the O’Donnell sisters because he is helping a friend, Brett Trumble, commit a nefarious act, in the interest of preserving the man’s reputation and his army record.


When they finally arrive safe and sound in Colorado, the girls discover that the uncle they have traveled to meet has been murdered, and their aunt is not welcoming. Mystery surrounds the murder, and while the community seems to accept Abigail and Maria, it becomes clear that someone does not want them to stay in town. Tye and Brett are protective, staunch supporters and become constant figures in the sisters’ lives.


There was only one thing that I found disconcerting in this book. The reader is immediately introduced to Abigail, and through her actions, Tye comes into the picture. There was enough conflict between the two of them to imagine that they were the main characters in the book, but later the book became focused on the relationship that grew between Tye and Maria. Maria became an outstanding person, but from my point of view Abigail’s personality out shone her all the way to the end.


Still, I did enjoy the book a great deal. It was a good read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a historical western with a touch of danger, mystery and romance.


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