Isle of OZ -- An Accidental AdventureIsle of OZ — An Accidental Adventure by R.T. Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book in 3 hours after I went to bed one night—I was still smiling after I shut off my light to go to sleep.

I’m certain any male would have been tempted to throw Olivia Pavarotti back into the ocean, when he realised how snooty and downright rude she was. He had found her unconscious in the water and pulled her into his life raft after the plane they were riding in crashed.

Navy Seal Commander Zackariah Steele has dealt with many women but never one like Olivia. She does not seem to grasp the seriousness of their situation and she shows no appreciation for the fact that he saved her life. She refuses to “take orders” from him when he tells her to eat the raw tuna that he has caught, even though he impresses upon her that it will save her life. He disgust grows and he quickly begins to give back jab for jab to her sarcasm and nasty attitude.

The handsome Navy Seal and the feisty reporter from Iowa rubbed each other the wrong way for days, even after their raft finally washed up on a deserted island. She scoffs as he deflates the raft, and his lifejacket and then uses a branch to brush away all signs of their footprints as they make their way to the treeline. She is certain that help will arrive any minute and she wants to be out in the open to make sure they are found. He is well trained and totally aware of the possible dangers. Finally, he gets it through her head that all of the people on the plane died when it plunged into the ocean, and it is highly possible that when the remains are found it will be assumed that any missing bodies were carried away by the currents.

Shocking events happen that change her attitude. She begins to respect his judgement and then she begins to acknowledge how attractive he is. He has been aware of her other more desirable attributes for days—she isn’t all smart mouth: but he still knows it’s wisest to keep things hands off.

This is a clean read, filled with temptation. There is also mystery and danger- and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the impossible way they related to each other.

I wondered about the Title—the Isle of OZ—thinking of the Wizard of Oz, or something like that, but it didn’t fit. I found the reason the island was named The Isle of OZ endearing.

If you enjoy a funny romantic tale that revolves around people who are so opposite that they would be more apt to kill each other than fall in love don’t miss this read!