What I really took from ”Happiness…” was that we are each responsible for our own happiness.  Many years ago I learned from my wonderful mother-in-law that happiness is a choice. She had faced many challenges in her life, experienced things that she could have become bitter about. When I asked her how she dealt with those disappointments, she said she decided to be happy within herself. I never forgot that, and it is a statement of belief that I choose to live by.

This book also points out the importance of knowing yourself, of protecting yourself respect, of cherishing home and family, and the value of “real” spirituality.

For me, there were many gems in this little book.  I am going to quote a few of them.

We become uncomfortable when things don’t happen as desired by us. It doesn’t actually make you sad. When we don’t accept reality, it makes us angry and miserable…’  How true this is, and when we do not accept reality, disappointment will make us unhappy.

Another line from this book is ‘Happiness cannot be defined, because everybody has their own measures for happiness.’  Once again, this is so very true.  The things that make one individual happy can cause distress to others, even within the same household, or in a relationship.

This paragraph also resonated with me. ‘Dissatisfaction is also a pillar of sorrow. It can be of due to any of our tasks or from family or a friend. Dissatisfaction is an obstacle on the journey towards happiness. A mind which is not satisfied will only incur loss to us. Embrace whatever comes to you and give it your best try every time.’  Letting dissatisfaction take hold in your mind, does lead to sorrow, and so often our dissatisfaction is caused by not living in gratitude, but being unhappy about what does not happen as we desire.”

I also recognised the truth in the following passages.

‘Almost every one of us today has two personalities: one which is our true self and the other which we are trying to show the world. We often act throughout our life and wear masks of what we wish to portray. And, in order to look better, we often forget our true selves. But, this act of looking good will surely make you tired at some point in your life. And, if we are actually good in reality, then you will never be tired. Conflict between these two personalities keeps us away from happiness. We should present ourselves exactly as we are. We should let our true self blossom; we don’t need any fake personality. Be open and stop wearing fake masks, only then you can feel happiness. People will accept you as you are, otherwise your life will become a burden for you…’

‘….Opinions of those who know us become our Identity.  Do we at least know half about our self than what we know about others? Answer will be no, not at all. Where do we have time to know about our own self? Knowing your self is not only important for our happiness, but it also saves us from many failures. Without knowing about our own self, neither we can improve nor can take pride of who we are. So, we should spare some time to talk with our inner self and know what we actually are. If the opinions of our friends, relatives or family members shape our identity, then know that those opinions are not entirely correct. Every person tries to impress others, then how reliable those opinions are? We come to know about our true self at the time of anger, quarrels and criticism. We are so fond of false opinions that we fail to accept true opinion…’

‘Self-respect is very important in life. If you don’t respect yourself, then nobody else will. Gaining anything at the cost of it will make you (un)viable as a person. Our existence will not be of any importance. So, protect your self-respect at any cost, which is the costliest thing you have.’ 

The final gem that I am going to share is this quote from the book. ‘Don’t be afraid of spirituality, it is not a part of any religion. It is simply a science to live our life. …..Always take the side of justice. Accept truth and realities. Live life with joy and self-confidence. Fill your life with happiness, joy and enthusiasm.’

There is so much more to be gleaned from this little treasure. I thank Dinesh and Sagar Khetia for writing it and sharing it with us.

Highly recommended for anyone who truly wants to learn and are willing to begin to apply the simple concepts to choose happiness in their lives.

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