I confess—I have never read the classic Jane Eyre, so I can’t compare the first book to the sequel Luccia Gray has written, but I was totally smitten with her portrayal of the Jane’s life twenty years later in All Hallows Eyre Hall.

It takes a lot of courage to take on a classic, but Lucci Gray did it in spades. I became so involved with the characters that I read late into the wee hours, and when I woke up a couple of hour later I grabbed my Kindle and read for another fifteen minutes,until I had to give in to sleep again. In the morning I did something I never do—I read until my husband got up and it was time to throw off the sheets and make breakfast.

I don’t think there was anything that irked me about this book. I felt little compassion for Edward Rochester, who lies on his death bed reaping the rewards of his infidelities, but by the end of the book I pitied him even as he admitted his final betrayal to Jane and I realised that he had been totally obsessed with her, craving the love he had betrayed.

Jane repeatedly took responsibility for the results of his infidelities, showing love and kindness that would be rare in a lesser person. I understood the inappropriate relationship that grew between Michael and Jane. I admired him for standing up to her in the end, but I really hoped that things would work out for them….alas fiction is often as powerful as fact.

And I wanted someone to do away with the dreadful Richard Mason, and my heart broke when Jane made a bargain with the devil.

I read many, many books and I have to say I am seldom so taken with a read as I was this one. In fact, I broke my personal rule, as I have many TBR’s on my Kindle, and as soon as I finished this book, I got up and went to my computer to purchase Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall: Book Two Eyre Hall Trilogy (The Eyre Hall Trilogy 2)

I HAD to know the rest of the story!

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