connected-by-michell-medhat stars-5-0._V192240867_ (1)This book is completely different than anything else that I have read. It is fast paced (accentuated by the many very short chapters—Book 1—The Call has 106 of them: Book 2 The Shift is made up of 120 chapters) and the plot complicated and filled with many different characters—most of them terrifying.

It is a story of good and evil, betrayal and shocking violence, espionage and terrorism, a struggle for dominance on earth and as well as in a parallel plane where, Kudamun, a civilization of old, protects the universe. It also reveals a love that has lasted through the ages—from long in the past, to the present.

The Call immediately introduces the reader to Sam and Ellie Noor. They are two busy people, whose jobs take them in different directions, but they are madly in love. One morning Ellie experiences something that affects her physically and emotionally-something that she doesn’t understand, can’t explain—something that terrifies her. Her gut-wrenching screams fill Sam with terror, and he comes running into the room, alert and ready to protect her. The brief interlude of that morning changes their lives. Ellie is stunned to learn that Sam has lied to her about everything that he does and is. Can she trust him? Yes, they love each other, but can she accept the deception, the danger—will she ever feel safe and secure again? This occurrence triggers a series of incidences that throw her into a world of danger that she has no idea exists.

The Shift pits Sam’s allegiance to the people he works for against his love for Ellie. He is faced with betrayal from the highest level, and Ellie is used as a pawn by his enemies. Torture and violence reveal an aspect of Ellie that he has never seen, one that confounds reality. When she is trapped, and facing a brutal death, Ellie is shifted into the world of Kudamun. There she learns that SHE is not who she has always believed she was. She is part of a master plan that has spanned the ages, and she is destined to be the earth’s Protector. Powers that are unimaginable are awakened by Aby-od, the ruler of the kingdom. Ellie is filled with old wisdom; she understands that people’s lives and destinies are pre-defined and cannot be changed. As she leaves Kudaman, she understands that she and Sam will be separated forever after she finishes her task. It tears her heart, but she also knows that she must accept it. She has many questions, but she has little time to save Earth, as it shifts into a level of darkness and evil that will cause it to be destroyed, and so she leaves to fulfill her destiny.

Michelle Medhat has an incredible imagination, and she produced an extra-ordinary tale. This is a book worthy of a movie. I belong to a group that promotes a book each week, but there is no obligation to buy it or review it. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for that promotion, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this book—but I am SO glad that I did. I enjoyed it immensely!

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