A very good read—not a formula romance, but a story that deals with complicated life issues and I like that in a book.

Mary Walker comes from a close knit family. She enters into a relationship with Robert Mackenzie, who seems like a wonderfully romantic person at first, but under the surface he is a dangerously possessive and controlling individual who sets out to cut Mary off from her friends and family, isolating her so that she has no ties with anyone but him.  This relationship is well portrayed and ends in a frightening situation that destroys Mary’s ability to trust and leaves her in a depressed state.

Her brother Mark, who is actually her best friend, supports her all the way and becomes extremely protective of her.   So protective, that when Mary struggles to rebuild her life and meets his best friend, Dr. Dominick Cazelli, he immediately warns both of them not to get involved. Dominick has always been a womanizer, moving from relationship to relationship and Mark does not want to see his sister suffer another blow, by predictably becoming one of Dominick’s statistics. His feelings are so strong that they threatened the two men’s long term relationship.

But Mary feels something special with Dominick, and while she is guarded when he woes her, she falls in love with him. When the inevitable happens, Mary is shattered. But she picks herself up and moves on.

The story doesn’t have a lot of sex, or fast moving action, but the characters are realistic and relatable. As the book progresses Mary learns to be true to herself and her own feelings.  She stumbles but she picks herself up and in the end she makes the right choices for her.

This is a long book and at times I would like to have seen a faster pace and more dialogue to draw the reader in. There are a few small editing flaws in the book, but when you consider that it is written in the author’s second language she did a remarkable job.

I am giving this book 4 stars, but I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a refreshingly non-typical romance.

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