Love is a tangle, before it becomes a Tango!

Claire Chatfield, once an ugly duckling, has become a swan…but she doesn’t realise it. She is still caught in her personal images from the past and is amazed when David Lawson-the only son of a wealthy family becomes interested in her. But as time goes by he becomes more deeply involved in his work at the family business that he hopes to one day run, and he spends less time with Claire even though he still insists that he loves her.

She meets Alec Brunell, her upstairs neighbour, when his loud music disturbs her Saturday morning sleep-in and she goes up to his apartment to tell him off.  Inspite of her anger and indignation, she is attracted to him, but she pushes the idea away reminding herself that she is in love with David.

Her discontent grows as David neglects her, but then he shows up with a diamond that is so big it is blinding to look at, and Clare reassures herself that their relationship is sound. Little does she understand the motivation behind his marriage proposal.

As the story unfolds we learn what David Lawson is all about.  We see Claire struggle with the reality of their relationship and watch her find her way.

This is a good book—there are twists and turns in the plot that I hadn’t anticipated when I started reading the book. All the characters are very human—even the ones I didn’t like could be recognised as being a realist part of a mix in society.

This book runs through a gamut of emotions: joy, excitement, confusion, betrayal, despair, painful choices, determination, and new beginnings.

I recommend it as a relaxing get away from your daily stresses.

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